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Great Faux Plants Are Looking More Real Than Ever

January 17th, 2011

Many of us these days have highly strenuous jobs which mean that we often forget about the home and its decoration. Indeed, the odd flower or green thing here and there is all it takes to make the home or office look lived in. Watering and caring for them may not be on the cards though, particularly if we have to be away from home for extended periods. This is the perfect place then for artificial plants, or silk plants, since all they need is the flick of a duster now and then to keep them looking good.

It used to be, in days gone by, that these specimens were made out of some form of plastic. Lurid colors advertised to the world that they were not real and no one with half a brain would think otherwise. However, those days are long gone and these days, there are some wonderful specimens which sometimes fool anyone admiring them.

In the office space, there are many straight lines and boring furniture which often presents a rather boring front to the general public. However, by just putting in a statement piece in the entrance hall or waiting room, the overall effect is softened somewhat. Ficus or rubber trees fit well into this situation particularly if they are put into some wonderful old pot which matches the decor of the room. Putting large or rounded pebbles on top of the pot also adds to the illusion that this tree is real since this is done with the real variety to keep moisture at root level.

In the home, the novice flower arranger can also make bold statements wherever the need arises. Table centers or coffee table pieces will surely brighten up the room and it really does not matter if the kids keep touching this thing. They are easily put back into good shape and can easily be washed too for when those sticky little fingers do their damage.

Some faux flowers can be cleaned with specialist cleaning fluids provided by the manufacturer, or they can also just be cleaned with table salt and a plastic bag. The salt is put in the bag along with the specimen to be cleaned and shook vigorously. The salt just knocks off any dust or debris without dislodging the structure or pulling the blooms out of shape. It is that simple!

For weddings or celebrations, try mixing in these faux flowers with real greenery to give an illusion of the whole thing being real. Indeed, some people are so fooled by this that they often come up to smell the bouquet after the event.

Finally, finding the right kind of faux tree or flower is really important. No one would like to see something in their home or office that is obviously a fake. The general idea is to fool the eye into thinking that this thing is real. Although some of these specimens can look rather costly, considering that they are virtually indestructible then they will last for many years to come. Most of us will tire of them before that occurs so it is well worth getting quality ones to start with.

Stewart Wrighter finds it simpler to buy artificial plants online for decorating your home. His wife ordered silk plants online to decorate her office.

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