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Giving Your Bedroom A New Look

January 21st, 2011

Over a third of our lives are spent in the bedroom. This space serves not only as a place to sleep but also as an oasis in our increasingly busy lives. Updating your bedroom’s look is not about following the latest styles but about creating an environment in which to truly recharge.

The style and design of a particular bedroom is composed of several elements, the main ones being furniture, color scheme, linens, and storage. Giving your bedroom a new look can involve simply freshening a couple of these elements or going so far as to change all of them.

The component that wields the greatest impact is the bedroom furniture. Not only is it the most hardworking element in the room, supporting all practical tasks such as sleeping and clothing storage, but it also serves to set the tone of the entire room’s style and design. New bedroom furniture most certainly will give your bedroom an updated look. When buying new, invest in pieces with classic lines and superior craftsmanship. If new furniture is not within your redecorating budget, look into refinishing or refurbishing existing pieces.

Another important aspect to the bedroom’s design is its color scheme. So called ‘cool’ colors, such as blues, violets, and some purples are used often in bedrooms because of the calming effect they transmit. Neutral colors and monochromatic schemes in muted hues also convey a peaceful mood. There are no rules, however. You may want a color scheme with more energy and warmth in your personal space. Spend some time thinking about what kind of mood and atmosphere you would like your bedroom to possess. Painting the walls is a simple way to give your bedroom a new look.

The bed is a primary focal point in most bedrooms. The way it is dressed impacts the look and feel of the room greatly. Seek to combine different textures in the bed linens. Also incorporate a layered look in the form of different coverlets, blankets, or quilts. Pillows are an additional building block to a beautiful bed. Different shapes and sizes of pillows can help make your bed into a comfortable and inviting piece of art. Transforming your bed can transform the feel of the entire room.

Another important component of the bedroom is the organizational elements that are kept out of plain sight. Perhaps giving your bedroom a new look is something as simple as improving storage options. Adding a closet organizational system and more storage in places such as under the bed can help keep the bedroom less cluttered and therefore more serene.

Of course in addition to the elements mentioned above, updating your bedroom can also be achieved by new artwork, lighting schemes, and window treatments. Consider rearranging your furniture or changing the floor treatments. A little effort put toward giving your bedroom a new look will pay great rewards.

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