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What Are The Benefits Of Woodworking Plans For Tables?

January 22nd, 2011

Why do I need woodworking plans for tables? That is an excellent question and if you are already a skilled woodworker you would know why.

Essentially for making anything you need a plan, regardless of whether or not you draw and design it yourself or buy readily accessible plans. When it comes to building your table a proven design will help you make a table that can be sturdy, look good when it’s finished and be wobble free.

I suppose we have all seen old films where someone tries to level a wobbly table and finally ends up chopping the legs too short by the time they’ve finished.

Woodworking plans for tables can assist you avoid the errors which are all too frequent and lead to things like wobbly or uneven legs.

Actually for a newbie in woodworking, the easiest table to build is a circular table with three legs. Why three legs? I hear you ask, well do you know it’s virtually impossible to get a wobble on a three legged table.

To make a table that’s steady and will stand the test of time it is advisable to have 3 things:-

1. A Proven Woodworking Plan For A Table

“Can’t anyone build a table? after all its only a table top and 4 legs, job done right?”

Well it isn’t quite that straightforward however it doesn’t have to be very difficult either, it’s important to know what size timbers to use, how to join the legs to the the table top, the best way to successfully join the timbers to make a robust table top.

There are a lot of different types of tables, some are more complex to make than others. If an experienced woodworker has gone to the effort of figuring out the best way to make a selected type of table, making the most efficient use of the timber needed to make the table, then doesn’t it make sense to reap the benefits of that.

“Do I have to construct the table precisely as the plans?” Well you do not have to, you may modify the dimensions of the table if you know what you’re doing, of course making a table to an existing plan is often safer and you are more likely to get a better end result.

2. What Is The Best Timber For The Table

“What sort of wood ought I buy for a table?” The answer to this question is – it depends. What sort of finish do you want for the table? Where is it going to be used? How frequently is it going to be used? What’s it going to be used for.

For a decorative finish you should utilize a hardwood, there are lots of hardwoods with totally different grain patterns, for example mahogany, walnut, and teak. You can also use a softwood similar to pine or cedar with a stain and clear coat, or primer and paint.

There are in all probability more different sorts of finish than there are sorts of table.

Which ever wood you choose make sure it has the appropriate strength properties for the kind of table you will be building. A very good plan offers you a range of woods and a cutting list.

3. The Right Tools

You’ll either need a saw or you may get your materials pre-cut for you at your local wood yard, often there is a charge for cutting. If you plan on doing woodwork in the long run not only for this one project it is smart to invest in a affordable table saw and or a sliding mitre cut-off saw.

You’ll need clamps, actually a whole variety of clamps as you construct totally different items. For a table you’ll most definitely need pipe clamps to clamp the boards together for the table top and smaller clamps for when you are securing the legs and other parts of the table.

You’ll need to have a good set of chisels and a mallet, a drill and a set of drill bits. A general purpose wood plane may also be handy.

For fancy edges you should use a router and a selection of router bits. You might use a plane for a bevelled edge or only a sanding block in the event you don’t own a router.

If you are a beginner at woodworking, add to your toolkit over time, you don’t need to have each tool there is to get started.

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