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How to Choose a Luxury Hot Tub

January 31st, 2011

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Deciding to purchase a hot tub is a home improvement project. In fact many individuals take out home improvement loans to purchase a hot tub and a spa enclosure. In many cases this may include doing some construction and landscaping. With all of the effort you can put into making the decision of what hot tub to buy it can be confusing. If you are seriously considering this as an improvement to your home you should not look for the cheapest hot tub, but the one with the greatest value. Value is determined by looking for luxury features, but not having to pay the luxury price. The luxury features we will examine determine the value of the hot tub to you. Because if you sell your house you will only recoup the costs of the hot tub, not add to the sales price it is important to make an investment that will not deteriorate or depreciate too quickly. Luxury features are key here, because they will add value for the new homeowner.

The first and probably most obvious metric used in choosing a luxury hot tub is the number of jets. There are a variety of jets, bubbling jets for motion, and massaging jets for hydrotherapy. You will want a good mix of these two. The hot tub with the greatest number of jets is 166. You can compare this as a maximum metric and weigh this against other factors. The placement of the jets is also important. Luxury hot tubs are not the round tubs found at your favorite hotel, they have many reclining seats, and places that are comfortable to sit. It is important to be certain that there are enough reclining seats for the number of people that will be using the hot tub. The number of jets and the contouring of the hot tub are key factors that exemplify luxury hot tubs.

In addition to the jets many luxury hot tubs will include a waterfall. This is useful for the soothing sound of running water, but is also a great place to sit. When you sit under the waterfall, you will feel hot water cascading over you to add even more to the relaxation of the hot tub. In addition to the waterfalls many times there are fountains that help you have water flow above the surface, not just in the tub, but up where your upper body is. These fountains also will add a definable auditory ambiance. When comparing for value waterfalls and fountains may be important factors.

Luxury hot tubs come designed for use in a luxury environment. To help establish the mood there is the addition of LED mood lights. These mood lights are specifically designed with total relaxation in mind. Looking for the number of such mood lights can be a metric for comparison. In addition to the mood lights the mood can be altered with scent. Many of these tubs will have aroma therapy dispensers that use commercially available aroma therapy solutions designed for hot tubs. This allows for you to involve both the sensation of smell along with the pleasing to the sight mood lights. Some high-end spas will also include an ozone generator for more refreshing air in and around the tub. Looking at all these factors can help you judge the merits of a particular hot tub.

Most hot tubs in the luxury class will include a stereo system with some sort of weatherproof speakers. This can be important if you want to add nature sounds for relaxation, or listen to your favorite CD. Something to look for recently is the ability to attach a MP3 player. Look also for a remote control that is waterproof. These stereos aren’t for have a deep listening session of classical or jazz for every little nuance, but it is similar what you think of in a car stereo. These systems are an important part of a luxury hot tub. If you plan to utilize a built in stereo in the spa enclosure this would be similar to installing aftermarket stereos into an automobile – it is awesome, but most people don’t do it.

The cabinet of the hot tub can speak to you with elegance, or be completely plain. Some of the best cabinets are constructed of exotic woods that not only look interesting, but also, require less maintenance than a soft wood. Generally is a good idea to avoid cabinets made of spruce, pine, or fir. They generally will not last for a long time especially in the outdoors and many times being in contact with water. Oak is popular, but you will need to stain it every other year, which might mean a lot of work, or even having to hire a contractor to do it for you. If you do not stain the oak cabinet, it will quickly deteriorate. Teak is an ideal wood for outdoors and is very manageable in terms of maintenance. You will want to choose the spa with an aesthetically pleasing wood cabinet that says luxury to the observer; however, it is important to fully understand the durability of the cabinet as well.

What you need to do now if you are planning to purchase a luxury spa is to compare all of these factors as common metrics. It may be a good idea to create a weighted average by quantitatively analyzing the benefits versus cost as a ratio. This process of elimination will allow you to realize value in your purchase. If this is too much work for you, or difficult to understand, a simpler way would be just to make a list in a grid and put check boxes for each item. Count up the number of check boxes and divide by cost. You will soon see that not all luxury hot tubs are fully luxury. Good luck with your purchase, the next step is to develop a plan for a spa enclosure.

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