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Increase The Value Of Your Home With Kitchen Cabinets

February 28th, 2011

Everywhere, homeowners are discovering the benefits of making upgrades to their home. Of these benefits, there are two that are very important to most homeowners. First, making upgrades to your home can allow you to enjoy it even more. When you’re happy with your surroundings, you’re going to feel even better on a daily basis. The other big benefit is that it’s possible to increase the value of your home by making reasonably priced upgrades.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of starting to upgrade your home, you may be curious about the best way to begin. While there are no rules set in stone when it comes to making home upgrades, if you’re wondering what other homeowners are doing first, the most common answer is upgrading their kitchen cabinets. Not only do most homeowners spend quite a bit of time in their kitchen, but this is also the perfect example of a reasonably priced upgrade that can increase your home’s value. Now that you’re aware of the area where you probably want to focus your attention, your next question most likely relates to what kind of colors you should be considering. This is a good question, and the answer below will help you make an excellent choice for your home.

If you look at pictures of homes from the sixties or seventies, you will notice that many of them have colors in their kitchen that are not very appealing. The reason these colors aren’t appealing is because trends have changed. Instead of using very bright colors, the trend in kitchens is to use simple but bold colors. For example, brown may not seem like an exciting color to use. However, when it’s the rich brown of high quality wood, this choice can make your kitchen look very modern and attractive.

While some homeowners like the feel of an extremely modern kitchen, others want a kitchen that is modern but not without some personal touches. Homeowners who fall into this category have found that their best option is to choose custom cabinets for their kitchen. The reason that custom kitchen cabinets are an ideal option for homeowners in this category is because they offer full control over the appearance of the cabinets. This gives homeowners the ability to choose the colors they want while opting for designs that aren’t too striking in appearance.

Another reason that so many people with homes opt for custom cabinets is because of the quality that they offer. While it’s common to see stock cabinets that are made from inexpensive materials, you can count on custom cabinets to be made from the highest quality wood available. While these cabinets cost slightly more, their durability and appearance makes them well worth the additional cost. Also, the fact that these cabinets will fit perfectly in your kitchen and last for a very long time will ensure that they increase the value of your home as much as possible.

If you’re interested in the idea of adding cabinets to your kitchen without the hassle, work with Huntwood Industries. This company has extensive experience in helping customers make the process of adding new cabinets as easy as possible. Check their cabinets to see how easy it is to update the look of your Edmonton kitchen cabinets.

Cosmopolitan Shutters, The New You

February 27th, 2011

Many of us are continually striving to keep up with home trends. But what about having options that never go out of style? Well there is an option that will never go out of style and that option is cosmopolitan shutters otherwise known as louvre shutters. They are a gorgeous option and will add beauty and a timeless style to any home. With the styles available, you will have not problem finding something to make your home look like a palace. What a great way to decorate your home and add value at the same time. Your home will be the envy of all your friends.

Shutters gives your home protection from the harsh sun and helps to keep out the heat. They allow you to let in as much or as little light and breeze as you require. Wood and vinyl are natural insulators, so they are the best choice for any home. By helping to reduce the heat in your home, shutters will help to lower your electricity bill from cooling costs, giving you more money to put aside for the nicer things in life.

There are several types of cosmopolitan blinds, all as beautiful as the other. You have the choice of Eclipse Shutters, for internal or external use. Timber shutters which are made from basswood/poplar and are for internal use. Artwood shutters which are also made from basswood which comes in six gorgeous colors. Beach shutters which are stronger and lighter then PVC. Western red cedar shutters that can be lacquered for internal use or oiled for external use. Aluminum shutters can be used for indoors or outdoors and are powder coated or you can have a fixed aluminum privacy screen which is also powder coated. These are for external use.

These blinds can be custom made to suit different styles and shapes of doorways and windows. They are available in four blade sizes and the aerofoil shaped blades make them more visually pleasing to the eye. They are also available in fixed, hinged, bi-fold or sliding. With the large range of UV resistant paints, stains and colors you are sure to find a color and style to suit your home.

Blinds are a great way to spice up your home and add value. These gorgeous shutters will never go out of style, they are just too gorgeous for that with their contemporary, timeless look. Boost your homes beauty today with cosmopolitan shutters.

Shutters Brisbane from Image Blinds
http://www.imageblinds.com.au/ are a great way to keep your home cool in the
summer and warm in the winter. These blinds Brisbane are made from vinyl and
timber, which are natural insulators.

Great Fences Make Homes Everywhere Look Wonderful

February 27th, 2011

Many of us live in rather open plan properties where the surrounding garden has no kind of barrier to it. Although this may be what some people like, most of us like the idea of having demarcation points if only to show others where the property ends. Of course, this does not have to be some huge monstrosity since some picket style barriers are just a foot or two off the ground, but for those who want to keep out intruders, these can go as high as eight feet tall. Try looking for ‘vinyl fencing’ or ‘vinyl fence’ online to see the full array of barriers available.

Some will obviously opt for the more natural looking wooden variety but these have their own set of problems of course. There is much more maintenance involved with keeping them looking good and this must include some treatments for bugs and termites too. After this, the varnish that is used must be the outdoor variety and it will certainly need several coats to keep it looking good when the rain sets in.

This kind of work will have to be done probably on a yearly basis so this must be kept in mind when choosing what will look good. Although the plastic variety is more expensive, in the long run this will even out because no paint or varnish will be needed for sure.

Indeed, the plastic variety is usually made to look like wood too so this could be the best of both worlds. That is the look and feel of wood but with the maintenance-free properties of plastic. All it needs is to be washed down after the worst of the weather is gone to make it look clean and bright all over again.

One other thing that people should consider is the need to keep the place looking uniform. If the window frames and door frames are PVC, as is often the case in modern homes these days, then the barriers should be put up to match them. This cohesive look to the property will add to the value of the place eventually since it is first impressions that count always.

It is obvious then that whatever is surrounding a property is very important for sure. Something that looks odd or out-of-place will detract from the look and therefore the value, so some time should be taken to choose whatever is in fashion at the time.

Also, local by-laws may dictate that these barriers cannot be of a certain material or over a certain height too. To avoid some very expensive mistakes, check with local building companies who should be able to say if something is acceptable or not. After all, who would know better what is allowed and what is not than those who are selling the goods to begin with.

Finally, check out all the guarantees that companies give to and look online to see the kind of service they provide. Bad news will always be reported here so this is a must for sure.

Stewart Wrighter has recently searched the termvinyl fencing South Bay in order to find a fencing company he could work closely with. He received a quote from avinyl fence South Bay Company.

Paint Your Bathroom Enclosure For A New Look!

February 26th, 2011

When it comes to plumbing or other bathroom accessories, you only think or replacing. Just like fixing a bathroom magazine holder or mirrored jewelry cabinet is simple, likewise you can repair your shower and bath tub. Even when you call a pro to do the job, you can provide the finishing touch yourself by painting your shower enclosure.

However, this is not the only reason. Your shower area looks tarnished with the passage of time. Obviously, the use of those harsh cleaning agents is to be blamed. They make the surface clean, apparently but fades the color and shine in due course. So here are some tips that will work to give you best results.

Step # 1: Prepare

Earlier than starting, eliminate every object like towel, rug or any other item from the place. Surely, you do not want the tiles to get ruined. Place newspapers to conceal the tiles. Another preparation is through putting on some old clothes to get started!

Step #2: Sanding

Sanding is an important part of your project to be a success. This will require maximum effort so that your shower enclosure is perfect to be painted. You will wish to coarse up the whole shower area so the paint can hold fast. Use a sand paper till when the surface gets flat. Once you are done with sanding, clean the remains from the booth.

Step # 3: Cleaning

Subsequent to sanding comes cleaning. The most efficient cleaner for the method is muriatic acid. You can easily find it in various stores or through other supply chains. It will take away all of the extra rubble. While applying this agent, make sure you know that it has potentially strong vapors, so ventilation or a respirator mask is mandatory. Clean the entire sanded space and wash them. Allow the place to dry up before you start painting.

Step # 4 Priming

Priming past painting will make certain that the coat will stay well on surface. For this you must get hold of a good primer meant exclusively for shower enclosures. Paint the enclosure uniformly and grant time to get dried. This makes the place ready for the paint.

Step # 5: Painting

For a shower space, the perfect paint is the epoxy-based one. You have two alternatives. Either you can go for renting a spray paint or simply buy the spray paint cans. When you apply the gloss, you will get a shinny finish. Keep the bathroom sufficiently ventilated during the process. Wait until the paint dries. After that you can seal it for further protection.

Step # 6: Sealing

Try sealing the paint using two separate cans of lucid spray sealer which is capable of resisting water. Don’t run water over the enclosure, at least for two days.

Step# 7: Cleaning

It is better to avoid harsh chemicals on the newly painted space. Vinegar is a decent cleaning agent and is much better than soap. In case, you still get some spoiled region, you can apply baking soda to clean in a circular motion.

Stewart Wrighter recently sent his son to college so he bought abathroom magazine holder for his apartment bathroom. His wife ordered a beautifulmirrored jewelry cabinet for her remodeled bathroom.

Wooden Kitchen Furniture – The Way to Shop for Furniture

February 26th, 2011

If you are thinking about giving your house a new look that will impress your friends and visitors, then you will want to make sure that you concentrate on how you decorate and furnish the kitchen. This is a strange but important factor as in most gatherings, people love to stand in the kitchen and have cocktails. The kitchen can also be the place where people will sit down to eat, if you have a though kitchen-dining room, be it a dinner party or just a regular night at home. The important thing to remember is that if you want to feel at home and impress your friends, you are going to want some sturdy and stylish furniture that will give your kitchen a timeless and classic look. This is why you will want to consider some wooden kitchen furniture.

Shopping for Wooden Kitchen Furniture

When you are shopping for wooden kitchen furniture, you are going to be tempted to go to a local wooden furniture store. This makes sense, especially since you may have already purchased furniture from this same store and you feel safe about it. One thing you should be aware of, however, is that in today’s world you actually have more options for furniture than ever before. In other words, you have the option to buy furniture from virtually anywhere in the world. The best part is that you can do this global shopping without even having to leave your house. In other words, we are talking here about the internet. If you want the best deals on the highest quality furniture, you need to go online.

Searching Online for Kitchens

When you are shopping online for wooden kitchen furniture, you need to be sure that you are looking at only the best options that are being offered to you for the most affordable prices. This might seem tough to do at first because there are so many different options. You might even feel overwhelmed at first. This makes perfect sense. You shouldn’t become discouraged, however. Instead, you need to begin using customer reviews that will help you to navigate your way through the online shopping experience.

Customer Reviews Are a Great Source of Information

Customer reviews are the best way to find the wooden kitchen furniture online. Although many are planted by businesses themselves, or on their behalf, many are indeed genuine. The Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook can also be useful. Go to these sites and check around for comments, you can even do a search on Twitter for the business name to see if anyone has mentioned them.

Whatever, with some careful research you will be able to find affordable furniture that is both stylish and sturdy. The best part is that you will really enjoy the convenience of shopping online. You will be able to shop and have the furniture delivered right to your home without ever having to leave your living room or office. This is the meaning of modern shopping convenience.

Fitted kitchen furniture can look truly stunning and beautiful, whilst being totally practical. Graham Baylis, who loves cooking, appreciates high quality kitchen furniture more than most. See Conquest’s site for more info and pictures of solid wood kitchen furniture.

Carpenters And Expertise

February 24th, 2011

Carpenters are tradesmen involved in the carpentry aspect of any building project and they deal with all wood work. Carpenters are skilled trade’s people, participating years of schooling and apprenticeship. The work pays well and is still one of the most respected elements of construction and thought to be one of the most artistic elements as well.

A carpenter deals with all wood construction in any building project, retail and private. This can be both outdoor and indoor work. There are many areas of expertise amongst carpenters and the individual can choose what area, if any they would like to specialise in. It is considered one of the most artistic and exposed crafts and as a result still holds much respect and admiration.

Finish carpentry deals with more intricate elements of woodwork and construction where there is very little room for error and exactitude is incredibly important. Carpenters was also at one time referred to as being a joiner. The finisher may be part of the manufacture of musical instruments, furniture and cabinetry; they may also be the ones to create wooden models and other pieces of incredibly fine detail.

Trim deals with all the casings around doors and windows as well as the baseboards surrounding the bottom perimeter of a room. It also applies to the boards along the perimeter of the top of the room and very often these are decorative elements. All smaller decorative elements, above doors, windows, fireplaces and more fall under trim, and even some elements of cabinet making.

The cabinet maker is another example and they concentrate, as the name implies on cabinets of various sorts, from kitchens to dining rooms to living rooms. They also make wardrobes and dressers and it is considered another detail and decorative oriented element of woodworking.

The scenic carpenters build sets for various productions in theater, TV and film. Quite often these sets are very detailed and require almost, if not the same work that goes into the creation of the real unit these models are based upon.

The framer is the one who builds the framework of structures and this is seen in the early stages of construction when the house or building is nothing more than a wooden skeleton on which everything will be applied. This is certainly not the simple work of the field as it really is the base that everything will be applied to.

Carpenters work in all construction of home and business where material is wood of all kinds. They can build the frame of a house, the decorative trim that joins with the wall and ceiling, create the furniture and cabinets in the home, or give us the illusion of a house-interior for TV, theater and film.

Just How Modest Basin Taps May Bring Out The Designer Pizzazz

February 24th, 2011

Consider how much we take our own utilities for granted nowadays and also precisely how confused we are without even the simplest of modern-day home appliances. Yet in all honesty there’s nothing simple about the simpler home appliances of life and even the running water that we all skip over has to undergo a really delicate and intricate set of processes before it gets to our houses. We are so familiar with the functionality of our interior water works and are expecting to have warm and cold running water, at our own convenience, in several different locations throughout the house. Lately it is trendy and also functional to have separate toilet rooms for guests, along with each one of the bathrooms in your home.

While basin taps are certainly functional, they might also be a style statement in themselves. In almost any single bathroom location they tend to become the target of particular attention and there is certainly little wonder, therefore, that we now have so many distinctive varieties, shapes as well as styles for sale in the industry these days. The modest basin tap can be a masterwork in its own right. It can be of conventional appearance and purpose, or can be set up to combine together hot and cold water. Towards the top of the product range of taps you will find those which need no actual contact in the least and can be operated based on intelligent receptors. You are able to complement the actual design content, finish or colour theme with the design of the shower booth, for instance. The basin tap might be configured to match all the other fittings in this area also, such as towel rails or even light fitments.

Should you choose to put in taps yourself, you shouldn’t come across too many problems, so long as you make use of sound judgment and display a little patience. At all times be sure that you shut off the water at the mains before you do anything whatsoever and that is as good an occasion as any to ensure that the plumbing for the remainder of the system and before the hot and cold taps themselves are in good condition. Any evidence of corrosion, if metallic, or damage if plastic material must be tackled. After you have aligned every one of the fittings and ensured they go together effectively, you have to tighten all the nuts carefully in position. While it’s of course crucial never to under tighten, it’s also important to not use an excess of pressure as many of the products employed to make these may be fairly easily damaged in this way.

Although the kitchen is usually thought to be a much more functional room and also less “individual” compared to the bathroom, you may nonetheless exhibit your own style as well as exuberance simply by choosing kitchen taps to synchronise carefully. Once more you will find a variety of options here and should be allowed to stamp your own character in this particular room along with your master and guest bathing rooms.

Stamped Concrete Makes For Some Very Interesting Homes And Patios

February 23rd, 2011

These days, there are so many exciting developments in paving and sheet floorings that people are beginning to get great new ideas for the looks that they want in and around their homes. Indeed, this can range from polished finished to stamped finishes which give the impression that the flooring is actually made from something else. For those who are interested in this new look, try looking up ‘concrete contractors’ or ‘cement contractors’ to see what they have on offer.

Poured surfaces are the very stuff that these designs are made from. One the material is starting to set the pattern block is impressed upon it. This can range from cobblestones to brick or wood and shells to any other design that is desired. Adding in some color to the material too gives this look that something extra as well.

Although the usual surfaces used to be traditional bricks and cobbles etc but since these were individual pieces, there was a tendency for the bricks to move or be displaced because of frost damage. Once the cold sets in, the materials between the bricks will swell and then subside pushing up the bricks against each other. With the pattern blocks, there is no way that the frost can get in between because the cracks are just not there.

Within the material, rods and other metal structures will reinforce the whole sheet and this ties it in to pavements and walls adjacent to the surfacing as well. Indeed, this is surely a good way to make a long-lasting surface to be used for cars, patios and just about anything where there is a lot of traffic.

Although there is a down side to laying this kind of flooring, cracks can still occur for example, there is a plus point too. If the joints or other meeting places are cut properly, this should allow for movement of the earth beneath, or for the heavy traffic which could cause some damage etc.

In fact this is a great way to decorate outside the home in a relatively easy way. Even water features can be put in using this same kind of method and walls too will benefit from having a rather lovely finish stamped onto them.

They still need some maintenance work, however, since no flooring is damage proof. But keeping back some color when the flooring is installed will mean that there is always some around to touch up what gets damaged with normal wear and tear.

Finally, although this kind of work can be done by the avid do-it-yourself enthusiast, it is much better to get in a professional company to make sure that all the edges etc are finished to a very high standard. They will also have several pattern blocks to choose from giving the householder the chance to see the finished pattern before opting for one or the other.

Take a look online for some examples of what can be achieved in this way and then let the imagination run wild!

Stewart Wrighter has searched the termconcrete contractors San Diego to hire a professional for a remodeling job he and his wife were completing. He searched the termcement contractors San Diego to hire a professional to update his driveway.

3 Basic Types of Lighting for a More Efficient and Beautiful Home

February 23rd, 2011

Installing the correct lighting can enhance the beauty of a home in addition to providing efficient energy. Here are the three basic types of lighting you need for your home, as well as their purposes:

Common Lighting

General lighting is another word for ambient lighting which takes the place of sunlight in illuminating a whole room. These lights are usually diffused, providing you with a comfortable degree of brightness so you can move in and about the room easily. Below are some types of common lighting fixtures.


Particularly in the case of bedrooms and bathrooms, you’ll find the general lighting offered by these wall-mounted units is just right.

Uplight fixtures. This type of light projects upward to the ceiling, where it spreads light to make the room more illuminated. Designs like ‘Upward facing chandeliers’ are examples for such models.

Architectural lighting These are architectural lighting fixtures with several functions, such as diffusing light in the room with valance lights placed behind a valance.

Task lighting

Task lighting is best to provide lighting for specific household activities, like eating, cooking, reading, sewing, and other tasks. The most common task lighting fixtures include the following:

Pendants. These ceiling-hung lighting units are frequently used in dining rooms and provide ideal illumination for preparing food and eating.

Lamps. Lights are usually used for studying. For this, you can use either floor or table lighting.

Sconces. If you need a light to help you perform a specific task (e.g. applying make-up at your bathroom mirror) a sconce light is a good type of fixture to use.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is a kind of specific lighting which creates drama by focusing on a specific object in a room, such as framed artwork, sculpture, and other decorations. To give them a more dramatic look it can be focussed on certain parts of the room like on walls or windows. You garden and its elements can look more impressive with accent lighting, especially around a grotto or pond. Lights used for accenting should be much brighter than your room’s general lighting to make them more effective. These are used for accent lighting as common fixtures:

Display lighting fixtures. These are usually small spotlights mounted on the wall or on a table to accent paintings, sculptures, and other decor.

Lights that are held into the ceiling These items are directional and can be angled to anywhere you want from their ceiling mounting. Recessed lighting fixtures often have a swivel action that allows you to change their focus when a room is rearranged.

Track lighting fixtures. You may use this type of lighting instead of standard display or recessed lighting. Halogen or fluorescent lighting is used on certain art displays, particularly sculpture and wall frames beyond a certain size.

Light emitting diodes for steps Landscape path lighting are practical and dramatic ways to accent paths in the garden. These types of lights are perfect for stairways or even as night lights in your hallways.

In many home furnishing shops that perform one or more lighting function,there are also decorative types of lighting systems found. Lighting implements can be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.

Please visit this site to obtain more information about architectural
and other decorative lighting systems:

Interior Painting Techniques-Paint For Fun With Everyday Household Items

February 21st, 2011

Using paint and everyday household items can create beautiful walls. How about putting brown paper bags on your wall? Or using a comb to create a textured look? You can create unique beautiful wall treatments with both of these items.

The traditional brown paper bags you grew up with (at least those of us that are over 30) can be used in a number of ways to create amazing wall treatments. We will talk about two different uses for brown paper bags and paint.

The first option is to use them as wall paper. First step is to take the brown bags (or you can buy rolls of brown paper), tear them into different sized shapes, and then crumple them up. Keep a few with straight edges for the ceiling and any place that might need a straight edge.

Use wallpaper paste and adhere the paste to the paper (or the wall, or both) and randomly apply each piece slightly overlapping them to the wall. Do not try to straighten them out too much, you want that crumpled look to give the wall texture. After it has dried it is now time to have fun, it is time to paint. You can paint it with one single color; or do any kind of faux painting. You have a great canvas with the crumpled paper as a textured backdrop for your paint.

A suggestion to enhance the look, after you have finished painting the wall always use either a metallic paint, darker color paint, or lighter color paint. Choose any color that is a contrast to the main color. Lightly go over the wall, rubbing it on with a rag, or dry brush the contrast color. Dry brush means to wipe off most of the color from the brush, before applying it to the wall. Less is more, you only want to highlight the texture created by the paper.

The next use of brown paper bag is similar but different. This time paint the bag before you tear it up, while it is flat. With this technique the use of regular paint and metallic gives it a wonderful contrast. You want to blend the colors; the main goal here is unexpected color combinations and covering the entire paper. When you are finished and it has dried, start tearing and crumpling just like the other technique. Apply this paper exactly as we did before. This is similar but this will give you a completely different look.

What about using a comb on your walls? This is very easy and fun. It requires a base coat color. Over the base coat you apply an accent color. Keep in mind when you finish you will see the base color slightly under the top coat of paint. Be sure to add paint extender (it is found in all paint and hardware stores) to the top coat of paint. You want the paint to stay wet longer and have a more transparent look.

Work in about 12″ wide segments ceiling to floor. Apply a thin coat of the accent color with a roller over the base coat, take your comb (it works best with a large comb that all the teeth are evenly spaced), start at the ceiling put your comb with teeth against the wall and simply pull down, all the way to the floor without stopping. This will leave thin lines that show the base color underneath it. Repeat the process, when you get to the edge roll another coat of paint and repeat. Always wipe the comb off after every line. This gives a textured look with a surprise of the basecoat showing through.

When using the comb technique it really helps to have a friend standing by to roll the top coat of paint slightly ahead of you while you are doing the combing part. Note: you can buy specialty tools for this project or simply use a big comb it really works well.

As always practice, practice, and practice some more before you attack the wall. In the big picture the time spent practicing is the difference from a great look that you will love and something that is only ok.

Glenda Millette interior designer and color consultant loves to teach easy and fun tips and tricks with color and color choices. Get your free Choosing Color gift when you visit: http://www.ThePaintColorIdeas.com

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