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Add A Touch Of Class To Your Home With Wooden Folding Patio Doors

February 2nd, 2011

If you are in the process of thinking about an extension to your property and are weighing up some of the alternatives available to you, there is one particular improvement to a house that is gaining in popularity recently as a result of the impressive effect it has on a living space.

Wooden folding doors or as they are also called, bi-folding doors, are a important step up from the once extremely popular UPVC sliding doors. These wooden doors are typically positioned at the back of the property leading to a patio area in the garden. They can be of various sizes but the most effective size when installing them is to go large. In actual fact, many properties have these folding doors covering practically the entire back of the property.

The advantages of this specific home improvement are numerous as they are amazingly practical both outside the home and inside. With the doors folded back in the fully open position the back of the house is virtually entirely open. This is great in the Summer as it generates an astounding continuity from the inside living space to the outside. Great for outside living or eating inside with the lovely open feel of the outside.

The look and feel created is quite simply stunning and viewing an example would give weight to everything I’m saying. If you’ve got any colleagues or friends with them installed, ask politely if you can view a demonstration or maybe ask some local suppliers if you can view some examples in action.

Many people feel that these wooden doors are so attractive that they choose not to cover them up with curtains or blinds, instead they view them as a feature to always be on view.

They are manufactured in hardwood that can be painted or stained to suit your design requirements. If they are then integrated with wooden windows of the same style throughout, the beauty of a house can be transformed beyond belief. They can work equally as well in a contemporary style home as a period home, unlike plastic sliding doors which are considerably more limiting in their use and are generally seen as quite dated now.

There are some poor quality versions on the market so it’s definitely worth looking at a quality supplier. Their product will not only perform much better than the lower cost versions but also last much longer. The standard of the fittings supplied by a more professional company will also be of superior quality. Cutting costs in this instance is a false economy.

Have a look online at some suppliers and perhaps consider a free quotation.

The author is a designer and is based in Surrey in England. For some great examples of wooden doors and wooden casement windows he recommends visiting Woodland-Products.co.uk.

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