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Kitchen Renovations – Four Tips On How To Live Through Your Kitchen Renovation

February 4th, 2011

You planned it all out—how your kitchen will look like afterwards, the budget that you would probably need, the permits that need to be prepared and the paperwork that have to be submitted. You have already consulted a contractor and hired a builder. You have looked up on the materials, the kitchen appliances equipments… You believe that you already have it all covered, and you think that you are ready to start with your major kitchen renovations.

So you get started. Now while the kitchen is under renovations, only then did you realize that you can’t prepare meals at home for a while since your kitchen is having a major make-over that could probably take more than a few days, two to three weeks, or even a month if you want to change starting with your kitchen floors to your cupboards. Indeed, this is one of the troubles of having a major kitchen renovation. You usually don’t have two kitchens in a home, and while your kitchen is undergoing some serious transformation, the daily food preparation for you and your family is going to be a real problem.

Well, it would be alright if you are all alone and you are on a diet, but that is not usually the case for most homeowners. It will not be good to let your family go hungry for a month until your kitchen is done, so here are four things you can do that will get you through your kitchen renovations.

Set up a temporary kitchen in some other convenient area in your house. You’re sure to find a place in your house where you can prepare meals for the time being, while your kitchen is still under renovations. It would be okay to just order some pizza, but it wouldn’t be a good and nutritious meal for the kids, plus there would come a time that they would get bored of always eating pizza and would prefer some homemade cooking. You can also have some barbecue outside once in a while, as long as it’s on your budget. Your children would love this.

Remember to include a food allowance to your financial preparations, and make sure that you allowed for a two months worth of food. That’s to make sure that even if the renovation goes for more than a month, at least you won’t have to starve yourself and your kids. When you say food allowance, that doesn’t just mean the ingredients for the meals to be prepared at home, it also includes the cash you would need if you want to dine at some restaurant or call for some pizza.

You might also want to tell your mom and dad that you are having your kitchen renovations. They probably invite you to dinner at their home. Don’t you just miss your mom and her home-cooking? This way you get to have dinner with them again. Moreover, it saves you too, and in more ways than one. ?

Don’t forget to consult your contractor or builder and talk to him about the project before starting anything. You can ask him to make a timeline about when the project might be completed which would help you prepare for your kitchen renovations survival plan. Aside from that, you can also ask if there could be problems that might come up so that you can make some precautions and backup solutions for delays or problems that might crop up. Great contractors for kitchen renovations would do their best to speed up the work and accommodate to your preferences and concerns.

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