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Desk Woodworking Plans – How Do I Select A Desk Plan That Is Right For Me

February 9th, 2011

Ok so you might be serious about constructing a desk from a woodworking plan. Maybe you have an idea in mind or possibly you are undecided as to the exact type of desk you want to make.

I suppose when many people think about a desk, they see in their mind a highly polished wooden desk with a green leather in-laid top or maybe a standard workplace type of desk.

It could surprise you to know there are various different types of desk, constructed for completely different purposes.

A writing desk for instance might be small and compact with a drawer in which you can put your writing material with an angled top to make it easy for you to write on. Actually you may get a tabletop desk that may literally be used anywhere.

Many items of furniture can have a desk as an integral part of them for example a cabinet that may be opened to reveal the desk. Unused wardrobes for example may be quite easily converted into a cabinet with a desk and drawers inside.

When you’ve got the right space you may build a desk into it,such as an alcove or even a corner. Corner desks can be constructed with a book rack or an area for your computer.

Many desk woodworking plans can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and if you’re a more experienced woodworker you can combine elements of more than one plan to create an individual desk that is good for you.

Before you buy a plan or even begin to lay out your own plan, do your research to see what plans are readily available. There are so many styles of desk that you may choose from. Much is determined by the decor you have got within the place where you need to put your desk.

The dimensions of your desk is determined by how much space you have got for it. Would you like it to match your present furnishings? Do you want to make it a feature?

If you’d like your desk for your home office or study, what sort of drawers do you want, do you want file drawers for instance with built in file hangers. It is all a question of understanding your options.

My good lady wife had a brilliant idea, she needed a desk so that she might work occasionally from home with her laptop pc but also wanted a desk for a place to do her sewing and needlework.

As there was loads of room in what once was a spare bedroom ( the youngsters have all moved out into their own houses), she thought that if the desk was deep enough she could have the sewing machine on one side and her laptop on the other.

Then all she needs to do is simply wheel the chair from one side of the desk to the opposite side so that she does not need to keep transferring her sewing machine. I managed to purchase a used office workstation desk which typically are constructed deep for computers and so forth and simply customised it to suit.

Once I get just a little more time I will shorten the present drawers and add drawers to the opposite side. So it will be truely a dual function desk.

Certainly you may make a desk from scratch from a great desk woodworking plan but it’s also possible to re-purpose current items of furniture.

Often you can buy a piece of used furniture cheaper than you can buy the supplies necessary to make the same thing. With time and a little effort you can provide it an entire new look and incorporate your desk into it.

So, take a look at your options, resolve what sort of desk you need, what features it must have, what style it must be, how much area you have got for it and whether you’ll be able to re-purpose current furniture to fulfill your needs.

No matter what you decide to do, take your time and enjoy the project. Woodworking as a passion should lower your stress levels and improve your individual satisfaction.

We present to you examples of a variety of desk woodworking plans on our site http://mywoodworkingplansandprojects.com . Simply have a look and get our free woodworking ideas too.

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