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Kitchen Renovations – Buying Reconditioned Appliances

February 9th, 2011

They say spending your money to make sure that you have a good kitchen is a good investment for home improvement. Well, that is true. But kitchen renovations could get really costly. It would be wise to spend only on the staple things, and to be as prudent as possible in spending your kitchen renovation funds. So you might want to buy your equipments and kitchen appliances second hand.

The biggest issue in buying second hand appliance is the reliability of the quality of the equipments. The reconditioned appliances have a higher probability of causing some problems for the buyer compared to buying brand new ones. Also, the latter have longer warranty duration than the former.

Although it is undeniable that buying the kitchen appliances second hand has certain disadvantages, there are lots of advantages to it too. The benefit of having to spend less for kitchen appliance is the most prevalent among all reasons why many people opted to buy second hand stuffs. Because they can save a lot from the budget dedicated to buy the appliances, they can buy other things that they think would be great additions to the kitchen. But to spare from the hassles of having to go for repairs of reconditioned equipments, one has to make sure that the used equipments they purchase are quality equipments.

Finding high-quality second hand appliances may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are some advices you might want to heed to help you ensure that you get more value and benefits for less cost in your kitchen equipments.

First, you have to find second hand appliances provider. Most appliance stores do not have sell used appliances, so your best option would be to browse the net for the second hand equipments that you are looking for. To make it easier for you to use the net in shopping, be as narrow as possible in your search. You could try browsing the popular search engines, EBay, Amazon and other auction sites, or search in the Craigslist listings in your area. If you are buying online on auction sites, read the comments and feedbacks of the sellers. Doing so helps you eliminate bogus dealers from the list of second hand equipments providers.

Or instead of the net, you can try to find out if there are any personal sales or garage sales in your neighborhood and in your local area. You can also check out the local thrift stores if they are selling reconditioned appliances and kitchen equipments.

Try searching for stores or reconditioned equipments providers who gives any kind of warranty for what they are selling. There are not many stores who would provide for any warranty. The most you can get is only a few months of warranty. Still, it might be worth the effort to find warranted appliances.

Before making a purchase, test the appliance you wanted to buy. See if there are any defects in it, because you might end up bringing it to the repair shop sooner than expected. Plug it in, and make sure that it really works before paying for anything. And when you start using the equipment, use it with care and according to the instructions; do not try to overdo anything with the reconditioned appliance.

Buying second hand equipments is one of the best cost-cutting strategies for kitchen revamps. But if you have no problems with spending money for your kitchen renovation, then it would still be better to buy the appliances brand new. It gives a higher insurance of the quality of the equipment you bought.

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