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Kitchen Renovations – East-Meets-West Kitchen Design Concept

February 9th, 2011

A houses kitchen is a free zone for the person who loves to cook, and it is also the oasis of the rest of the family. It is important for a kitchen to convey a welcoming atmosphere, which is why no matter how expensive your kitchen renovations usually are, the efforts and expenses dedicated to improving the kitchen is always worth it.

Last weekend when we visited a friend’s home, I was very eager to see the kitchen since we were also trying to see fresh kitchen renovations ideas. The area really looks unique and amazing. It has a very Asian ambiance, a combination of red and green walls with a very natural shade of brown for its cabinets. But what was very noticeable in the kitchen was the clear contrast between the color scheme and the very modern furniture. The kitchen is like an East-Meet-West film scenario. But instead of being unattractive to the eyes, it looks very welcoming. It’s almost like a chef in western outfit (a white coat, pants and headwear) could come out any moment to cook some all-Asian cuisines for us!

It’s not unordinary to see a room with opposing characteristics that reflects an image of fun and enjoyment. However, such designs, if not done in careful moderation, could end up making the room look revolting. The owner of the kitchen we saw told us he consulted a professional interior designer to do the area. When asked if he spent a lot on the kitchen, he revealed that it was not as expensive as it looks. Apparently, at the beginning of the project he told the designer that he wanted a modern unique look for the kitchen with the brown cabinets and green walls, and he also told him his budget for it. The designer said that originally the cost of the project would be more than the budget he prepared for the renovations, but with a few twist and adjustments on the design the owner preferred they could still come up with an amazing kitchen design with the same costs.

The room started off with a very Asian look. The walls were painted with a nice jade color which is very soothing to the eyes and has a calming effect, and the lower areas of the room’s walls are lined with lava red. The cabinets have a raw umber color, adding to the very natural ambiance of the place. The sink is made of stainless steel, the floor is faux wood. The electric appliances are not the top-grade ones, but their quality is still noticeable. Apparently the designer told my friend to shop for certain brands of quality appliance that are more metallic in color.

The kitchen, and the whole house for that matter, was only a few months old. Obviously, it will take a few years or so for the kitchen to need a renovation. But when the time comes for the inevitable revamp, it probably wouldn’t need to have a change in design. Just some restoration works would do, since it really looks great as it is.

A lot of people would want to try creating their own version of the East-Meet-West kitchen design concept, or something very similar to it. Any homeowner would want to achieve a fun atmosphere in their kitchen. If you are one of them, it would be best to consult an interior kitchen designer. True enough, your kitchen renovations could be more expensive if you hire a professional designer, but it is the best way to make sure that every dollar you spend for your cooking area is worth it.

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