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Why Own a Hot Tub

February 10th, 2011

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There are as many reasons to own a hot tub as there are hot tubs available. If you are deciding to buy a hot tub it is important to realize standard hot tubs from luxury hot tubs. A luxury tub has many features that make it better for the tasks you want it for in the first place. Hot tubs can be used therapeutically or for pure pleasure. It is important to know the basics before fully developing your criteria for which hot tub you will choose.

One reason many people purchase a hot tub is for hydrotherapy. There are many studies showing that daily use of a spa will relieve joint and muscle pain and provide for faster healing due to increased circulation. A Colorado Study showed a 13% decrease in blood sugar levels when diabetics used a hot tub daily. It is important to note the number of massaging jets a given hot tub has when evaluating it for hydrotherapy. It is also important that it have reclining seats that allow for maximum support. Hydrotherapy should be a reason, but it may not be the only reason you buy a hot tub.

It is prestigious to own a personal hot tub. There are elaborate spa enclosures, gardens, and party rooms you can design around your hot tub. It is important to start with the highest quality hot tub. Because you want to be able to impress your friends you want something that is real luxury. The cabinet has to be perfect, a good stereo, and as many jets as you can afford. In this category it is a toy for the use of an individual who wants to show off. If you are showing something off it should be the best. Features include waterfalls, fountains, and LED mood lighting, as well as, a built in stereo with remote. Looking for these features will enhance prestige.

Relaxation is another reason to own a hot tub. The relaxation provided by simply being in a hot tub is something. The more bubbling and massaging jets the hot tub has the better it will feel. Adding mood lighting will enhance the experience. The sound of running fountains and waterfalls adds to relaxation. You will want a stereo to play relaxing music or nature sounds. A great accessory many luxury hot tubs have is aroma therapy dispensers. These commercially available oils can be added via the dispenser to create a wonderful sense of calm through scent. Relaxing can be enhanced with a peaceful spa enclosure, but concentrating on the hot tub is the heart of the matter.

There is the concept of the outdoor room. Creating an outdoor environment that mimics the functional use of a room in the house. One of the favorite of these is the outdoor man cave. By installing an enclosure that has a TV, home theater, and auxiliary lights you will be off to a start. Making the hot tub the center of a tiki bar atmosphere with a home bar can create the perfect outdoor room for parties in the hot tub. You will want to be certain that the hot tub can accommodate the number of guest that will be present in the outdoor room. Having reclining chairs in the tub is great for sitting around drinking some beers and watching the game. Having a hot tub that has the right amenities can mean you are the chosen destination for parties.

The key features you will want to look for are: number of jets, with consideration for how many are bubbling and how many are massaging, waterfalls, fountains, mood lighting, stereo, aroma therapy dispenser, and the overall size. It is also important to choose a hot tub with a durable and attractive cabinet. You will need to custom tailor the spa enclosure for the full effect you desire to achieve, but having the right hot tub in the first place is a prerequisite. Looking for the features you need most will be important in developing the criteria for your purchase.

Inexpensive hot tubs are available with features for any reason you might need a hot tub at only $7,950

The best hot tubs on the market for hydrotherapy, prestige, relaxation, or the center of an outdoor room Spadanae.

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