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How to Use Area Rugs With Hardwood Floors

February 11th, 2011

Deciding how to use area rugs with hard wood floors can be a pleasure. There are so many sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, you can be as creative as you’d like. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind in choosing an area rug. Hardwood floors are beautiful and add so much to the warmth of a home. You want to choose areas rugs that accent your home’s décor not detract from it. But in accenting you don’t want to use such bright or dark colors that they take all the attention from the rest of the room. Start by taking a look at your room and deciding what feel or atmosphere you want to create. If your home is decorated in desert shades or if you plan to redecorate using desert colors then picture a sunset in perhaps the Sonora desert. Learn from books and photos. Pick out the desert color scheme that you want and then choose an area rug in those colors. For example; select one that works with a current or planned decor, like a mountain color scheme. Picture the beauty of the high sierras in an area like Mammoth Lakes. Clear blue water, melting into soft blue sky. Snow capped mountains in shades of blues, grays and purples and old forests in hues of sage and moss green. All these are inspiration for choosing the colors of an area rug for a hardwood floor.

Knowing how to use area rugs with hardwood floors also involves deciding if you want a design and choosing one, if you do. Picture those natural scenes: the Sonora desert and the mountain views of Mammoth Lakes. Choose a design that would be at home there. Remember large patterns make a room look smaller and a small pattern makes a room look larger.

Keep in mind that hardwood floors need to breathe, while deciding on the aesthetics of how to use the area rugs with hardwood floors. Next in order to understand how to use rugs with hardwood floors you must start to look at rug pads. Some rug pads can cause discoloration of wood floors, so it is extremely important that you look until you find one that won’t. The pad being used underneath the area rug is in direct contact with the wood’s finish, you’ll want to make sure it won’t discolor the wood. Some pads will leave patterns on the floor, that have to be sanded off. This is usually the type that is also used to line drawers. Wool or cotton makes good floor pads and won’t stain the floor. Pads should not be stiff, but soft when you walk on the area rug. With time and creativity the use of area rugs on hardwood floors will come together.

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