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Shower Curtains Decorating And Buying Tips

February 11th, 2011

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Shower curtains are playing a vital role in decorating the home bath. The shower curtain provides privacy, protects the floors and rugs as well as adding design flair. Who doesn’t like to retreat to the bathroom after a hard day to just lull in a shower and allow the warm pulsing water to beat away the tension. You close the door pull the shower curtain and transport yourself to another world.

Shower curtains can add to the enhancement of the pleasure you take in this moment as well as keep the spray from the water inside the enclosure where it belongs. Long ago shower curtains were little more than sheet hung to provide privacy for the weekend bathing ritual. As baths were relegated to their own room and the outhouse became indoor plumbing the needs and uses of the shower curtain evolved with it. In the days gone by a shower curtain was a way to allow one family member to shower while another made use of the other facility all the while preserving modesty. This is when it became fashionable to have them tailored and hung on decorative rods.

The upper classes lead the way to the bathroom-decorating craze we see today. It became just as important to have a luxurious bathroom as it did any other room in the house. Decorative shower curtains have seen its fair share of designs some good and some just plain fanciful. The sixties were notorious for the beaded look. Shower curtains should have become varied and unique as the people who buy them.

Decorating a kid’s bathroom with whimsical character shower curtains or a fairytale theme is a common practice. Tween aged girl with her own bathroom may have toille shower curtains to go with her sugar and spice. Dinosaurs and skeletons, cars, plains, trains and automobiles have all found themselves at home on a shower curtain.

Adults can go for something a little more in line with who they are as a person. The theme should be of something you enjoy that you find soothing and calming. The guest bathrooms are where decorators go for the whole enchilada. Homeowners spend a lot of time making certain the guest bathroom is elegant and adding a fabric or designer shower curtain to this one bathroom seems to fit the bill.

Be assured that whatever theme you are leaning toward can be found online. There are many choices from around the world. You can shop for luxurious silk shower curtains from Asia. If you do not get stuck in the first pages you open up you can amaze yourself by the ideas just looking at a lot of different online shower curtain shop.

Finding great shower curtains will mean that you will have to determine a lot of variables such as color scheme and accessories that will blend well with the permanent fixtures in your bathroom. Your shower curtain and its liner will be seen daily properly maintained they will look great for a very long time.

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