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Unique Designs To Spruce Up A Bathroom

February 11th, 2011

Copyright © 2011 Joe Maldonado

Shower curtains have came out of the shadows of mere functionality to land in the middle of what has become a design war. Sure they still serve the utilitarian purpose that all shower curtains are supposed to but now they are also very stylish. Not just content to keep the water in and provide privacy now they have to look good too. they are decorative and some are artistic.

The next time you are in the mood for a little redecorating get yourself a designer shower curtain and a few accessories and go to work. A few odds and ends and the shower curtain with style and flair will turn your ho-hum bath into one that is hard to stay out of. You might even get them monogrammed for an added touch of personality.

They really aren’t that difficult to find and the expense is well worth it. The effects can be truly phenomenal. You can go for understated simplicity or outright elegance. A unique shower curtain design and matching accessories will change the feel of the entire bathroom.

Go bold and vibrant if you dare or get back to nature with the new naturalist designs. However you choose to show your shower curtain savvy do it with style. The shower curtain is the most visible object in the bathroom. Everyone who crosses the threshold sees it. Let your personality shine in all the rooms of your home, why should the bath be an exception.

It is also possible to go retro chic and not loose anything in style or elegance with shower curtains reminiscent of years past. There is a great selection of shower curtains to be found online and at major department stores. The Internet allows you to see the latest designs from all over the world.

You can find websites that do nothing but cater to the latest designer shower curtains and they carry all the things you need to dress up your bathroom. The fabrics, colors and designs will start your creative juices flowing. The web lets you shop thousands of retailers both at home and abroad.

It is entirely possible to get the bathroom shower curtains that none in your town will ever own. There is nothing worse than going into the homes of a few friends and seeing all the same a shower curtain. Think about it, you can have a shower curtain with scenes from Japan or the Australian outback hanging in you bathroom.

Be an original and get all the compliments for doing so. At the same liven up what can be a really dull space. Use a shower curtain that is so unlike the person that everyone thinks they know, that it will make your friends wonder. Skylines, cityscapes the forests all are fair game when you are attempting to create a bathroom masterpiece.

All we are saying that a shower curtain can be more than a method to channel water and save the floor from repeated drenching. Even if you are already a modern decorator with the latest designs it never hurts to keep an eye on the new offerings in shower curtains. They are only a click away, after all.

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