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Kitchen Renovations – Kitchen TV Adds Fun in Your Kitchen

February 12th, 2011

If you are one of those homeowners who just had their kitchen renovations performed, you might be right in thinking that your kitchen had everything you needed since you had just refurbished and refurnished it. You have new sinks, new faucets, new pots and pans, new kitchen tools and appliances. But do you think you have everything you could want in an ideal perfectly modern kitchen? Yes? Well, think again. Do your kitchen equipments include a kitchen TV? No? Then that is what you are missing in your cooking space.

What is a kitchen TV? It usually looks like a normal 13-inch TV or smaller, only more compact and is often placed on a kitchen counter or on a bracket installed underneath the cupboards. Some of them have built-in DVD or VCR components, while there are the more technologically advanced ones which are installed in the latest refrigerator units. You might say that you already have a TV in the living room and one in your bedroom. Why would you want a kitchen TV?

One of the advantages of a kitchen TV is the accessibility. You can watch your favourite gourmet show while you are preparing meals. You can follow the instructions on the video or TV show where the chef is cooking and doing the demonstrations on how to prepare the food you wanted to cook. With this gadget you don’t have to go back and forth the kitchen to the living room just to watch the F channel while preparing dinner.

Aside from that, it is also helpful in making children eat their breakfast in the kitchen during mornings as they watch their favourite morning cartoons shows. And so with the adults who wanted to watch the morning TV programs while having their meals. It is also a great entertainment gadget that would take away someone’s boredom, especially if that person needs to stay in the kitchen for long hours to prepare the food.

But why do you have to buy a kitchen TV, when you could have an ordinary TV and just place it in the kitchen? Fact is, kitchen TVs are designed to fill certain spaces so that it would not cramp up the kitchen space. An ordinary TV would obviously take too much space in the cooking area. As previously mentioned, a kitchen TV may be placed under the cupboards or in any other unused and practical spaces. Some are especially installed in refrigerator units, so they don’t need to keep too much space for themselves.

Furthermore, kitchen TVs are usually made in a way that they are protected from those elements in a kitchen that contribute much to the wear and tear of the ordinary TVs, such as humidity and heat. There are companies and makers of kitchen TVs that includes water/ liquid-protected remote controls which are actually just covered with plastic casing, and some TV companies have also created mounting brackets and swivels and included them in the packaging of their kitchen TVs. Ordinary TVs don’t have those specially tailored protection, because obviously they are supposed to be placed in other areas where they don’t have to suffer from the dangers in the kitchen.

A TV would be a good investment for a contemporary kitchen, but it’s not really a necessity. It is a really good addition to your kitchen tools and equipments. However, it is not required that you have to buy them when you are shopping for things that you must get shop for your kitchen renovations. Will you want your kitchen to have a TV after the renovations, or not? You are the one to decide on that.

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