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Kitchen Renovations – How to Replace Kitchen Equipment On A Tight Budget

February 15th, 2011

Yes, after years of taking care of you, it’s time for your kitchen to be taken care of. Other homeowners are already getting started with their kitchen renovations, but you haven’t even done anything for yours yet. But after one or two decades of living in your house and enjoying the everyday indulgences in your kitchen, you notice that your cupboards already look like it needs more than just a major scrubbing—it seems to fall out any time. And after some years of using them, you think your kitchen equipments and appliances are getting old. Some of them look like they would break down any moment now. You finally conclude that its time for replacing the things that needs to be replaced.

However, your budget is very limited that you can’t afford to have a total renovation of this area of your house. If that is so, then you could do a minor renovation by replacing your outdated kitchen equipments to eliminate the risk of having equipments that increase the possibility of disasters. Here are some advices to help you with finding replacements for kitchen appliance that can be met with a limited budget.

First, take a good look at your kitchen. Make a careful evaluation of your kitchen and find out which of the things in there needs to be replaced. List all of the equipments that are not functional anymore. You can do two lists. Make a priority list where you write the things that you probably need the most, like the stoves, and those which you don’t have but you think you really need more than the others. On the other list jot down all the other stuffs that you wanted to be replaced but are not on your priority at that moment. When writing down your list, don’t prioritize those things that you don’t have to use to often. It is impractical to replace something that broke down because it has not been used to long. You don’t have to buy something that you don’t find necessary.

Take your lists and do an assessment on what you wrote down. See if there are appliances that you might be able to combine. Nowadays it is usual to find “two-in-one” gadgets so it might be possible that you could find equipment that could serve to replace two or more stuffs. By doing so, not only is it possible to keep to a limited budget, but you could also save some space in your kitchen. You hit two birds in one stone.

Shop around. Check out the prices first but don’t buy anything just yet. You might find a better price for equipments that have similar functions if you just take a look around. This way you could also see if your budget could cover your kitchen’s needs, or if you could stretch it to include the other things that you did not include in your priority list. If you are done checking the prices, do the math. And then finalize everything you wanted to purchase. Keep the list of the things you can’t include in your budget. You can try saving up to buy for those stuff in the future.

After that, you can set the date for when you are going to buy the kitchen equipments. You are now ready to buy the replacements for the outdated equipments. With these few simple steps, you can keep to your budget in shopping for your kitchen equipments replacements. These easy steps could also be tried out by those who are planning to have kitchen renovations done, so as to maximize what their budget could get.

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