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Use Furniture to Make a Bedroom Look Spacious

February 19th, 2011

Arranging furniture in a bedroom in the right way can make the room appear to be larger than it actually is. For those who do not have a spacious bedroom, there are several tricks that can be used when furnishing the room to make it seem bigger.

First of all, work with the space available. Buy furniture that is a good fit for the room. Chairs, sofas, and beds come in all shapes and sizes, and some are designed to be used in smaller rooms. If the room is especially small, keep only the necessary furniture in it. If the closet is big enough, consider putting a dresser or bookshelf in it to leave more free space in the main part of the room.

When you begin to arrange the furniture, arrange some of it in the corners at angles. This trains the eye to look along the longest line in the room, the diagonal, rather than the shorter line of the wall, causing the room to appear larger. Placing furniture at an angle also gives you extra storage space behind it. Put the taller pieces of furniture away from the door so they are not the first things seen when entering a room. Furniture should also be placed against the walls.

The bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, so it becomes the focal point. It is common to put the just the head of a bed against a wall, but having a bed in a corner can leave a lot of empty space on the floor. Avoid putting a footboard on the bed, as this creates an image of the bed taking up more room.

Some headboards for beds have shelves attached. This is very convenient and can reduce the need for other shelving in the room. These shelves can also double as a bedside table. Footstools and benches with storage underneath are another way to acquire some extra storage without extra furniture. A bed that has a bed frame can also provide you with some extra storage space underneath.

Aside from the placement of the furniture, there are a few other things to do to make the room appear more spacious. Keep the colors of the room light, as this always give the appearance of a larger space. Pictures should be placed on the walls in alignment with furniture as much as possible to keep the focus in one area of the room at a time. Consider placing a mirror in the room somewhere, as the reflection seen in the mirror tends to make the room seem bigger. Keep the room neat and keep clutter off the floor. Follow these simple tips and enjoy your spacious bedroom.

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