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How to Mix Modern and Old Furniture

February 19th, 2011

A new year can bring on many changes in one’s personal life. These changes can range from improving the self or improving surroundings, such as a bedroom. After a year or so of being surrounded by one particular style, a bedroom can start to become stagnant, which can lead to boredom. Changing a bedroom does not have to be expensive. Simply combine old furniture with new furniture and create your own bedroom style.

By combining the old with the new, not only can you save some cash but you can also discover or refine your personal bedroom style. Mixing old and modern furniture can help you create any style you want and even allow you to create as eclectic a style as you want. How can you go about mixing old, traditional, or antique styles with new, modern or contemporary styles without your bedroom being too eclectic or clash? Easy, decide what your personal preferences are and what bedroom style you want to achieve.

First of all, what do you want your main focal point to be? Do you have more old furniture you would like to focus on with newer or modern accents? Or do you have beautiful antiques or older pieces you want to use as accents for more modern or newer pieces of furniture? It is important to make sure the old and modern furniture and accents complement one another instead of clash. Having pieces that clash can make the room seem loud and uncomfortable. This is why it is important to pick a dominant furniture style.

Once you decide on the style you want to focus on, decide on a specific element that can be found in all of your pieces, bringing them together as a whole. This can be a particular color, pattern, or type of shading of wood. The element you decide on can be based on textures or even on an entire theme such as flowers or shapes.

Decide whether you want your bedroom style to portray a sense of harmony and peace or a sense of excitement. This can be achieved with colors or pattern styles. Pairing similar types of furniture together with similar textures or patterns can create a sense of harmony. Using old and modern furniture with very different colors or patterns or textures can create a sense of contrast or excitement. Again, make sure if you are going for the contrasting appeal, it does not cause your room to become too loud.

Deciding on changing your bedroom to create a different style does not have to be a tedious or arduous job. Changing your bedroom style can be satisfying. All you really need to do is decide what pieces of furniture you have that you love and what pieces you want to purchase new. Choose whether you want your old furniture to dominate with modern accents or modern furniture to dominate with older accents. From there you can create the perfect bedroom style to meet you personal needs.

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