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5 Steps To Successful Curtain Making

February 20th, 2011

With the range of ready-made curtains that householders can choose from for their home, there are also homemakers who gain enormous satisfaction from curtain making their own drapes. Curtain makers have the benefit of selecting their own choice of fabric, the colour that matches their room perfectly, and also the style that suits their home.

Curtain makers need to be patient and detailed when creating curtains and also with the finishing off so it gives a professional look and a designer feel. Other considerations are the amount of fabric that is required and the weight of the fabric for a particular design of curtain.

Here is a 5-step guide to successful curtain making for your home.

1) Measure up carefully

This part of curtain making needs to be very precise otherwise the curtains will not fit. Measure up your windows’ width and length for the curtain drop very carefully. Depending on the type of curtains that you want, you need to allow enough fabric for the width and length of the window as well as for hems, curtain headers and any joins in the fabric. For the length of curtain make sure you allow enough depth so it hangs below the window sill or just above the floor. For the width of the fabric, allow double the amount of fabric to the width of the window.

2) Cut out your fabric

After you have measured up, you will need to cut your fabric out as carefully and straight as possible. Make sure you have enough room to cut out all of the curtain parts that you need. Curtain makers often have a large table or board area that they can lay the fabric out on.

3) Press the hems first

When your fabric is cut and laid out, measure your hems, usually an inch is allowed but check your instructions, and then press them into place with a good iron so that they are defined before you stitch your fabric. You will also be able to see that the hems are even when the fabric is laid out flat and pressed.

4) Stitch carefully

Now you can stitch your curtains along the ironed hems. You will need to stitch along the seams and any joins carefully. Finish off each seam and hem securely.

5) Attach the curtain header

When all of the seams and hems are completed, stitch the curtain heading into place, whether a seam, loops tape or hooks. Make sure that hooks and tabs are the same width apart or it won’t hang right.

Curtain making can be hugely rewarding and good fun as well if you have the time and patience to do it. So why not give it a try.

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