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3 Basic Types of Lighting for a More Efficient and Beautiful Home

February 23rd, 2011

Installing the correct lighting can enhance the beauty of a home in addition to providing efficient energy. Here are the three basic types of lighting you need for your home, as well as their purposes:

Common Lighting

General lighting is another word for ambient lighting which takes the place of sunlight in illuminating a whole room. These lights are usually diffused, providing you with a comfortable degree of brightness so you can move in and about the room easily. Below are some types of common lighting fixtures.


Particularly in the case of bedrooms and bathrooms, you’ll find the general lighting offered by these wall-mounted units is just right.

Uplight fixtures. This type of light projects upward to the ceiling, where it spreads light to make the room more illuminated. Designs like ‘Upward facing chandeliers’ are examples for such models.

Architectural lighting These are architectural lighting fixtures with several functions, such as diffusing light in the room with valance lights placed behind a valance.

Task lighting

Task lighting is best to provide lighting for specific household activities, like eating, cooking, reading, sewing, and other tasks. The most common task lighting fixtures include the following:

Pendants. These ceiling-hung lighting units are frequently used in dining rooms and provide ideal illumination for preparing food and eating.

Lamps. Lights are usually used for studying. For this, you can use either floor or table lighting.

Sconces. If you need a light to help you perform a specific task (e.g. applying make-up at your bathroom mirror) a sconce light is a good type of fixture to use.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is a kind of specific lighting which creates drama by focusing on a specific object in a room, such as framed artwork, sculpture, and other decorations. To give them a more dramatic look it can be focussed on certain parts of the room like on walls or windows. You garden and its elements can look more impressive with accent lighting, especially around a grotto or pond. Lights used for accenting should be much brighter than your room’s general lighting to make them more effective. These are used for accent lighting as common fixtures:

Display lighting fixtures. These are usually small spotlights mounted on the wall or on a table to accent paintings, sculptures, and other decor.

Lights that are held into the ceiling These items are directional and can be angled to anywhere you want from their ceiling mounting. Recessed lighting fixtures often have a swivel action that allows you to change their focus when a room is rearranged.

Track lighting fixtures. You may use this type of lighting instead of standard display or recessed lighting. Halogen or fluorescent lighting is used on certain art displays, particularly sculpture and wall frames beyond a certain size.

Light emitting diodes for steps Landscape path lighting are practical and dramatic ways to accent paths in the garden. These types of lights are perfect for stairways or even as night lights in your hallways.

In many home furnishing shops that perform one or more lighting function,there are also decorative types of lighting systems found. Lighting implements can be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical.

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