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Stamped Concrete Makes For Some Very Interesting Homes And Patios

February 23rd, 2011

These days, there are so many exciting developments in paving and sheet floorings that people are beginning to get great new ideas for the looks that they want in and around their homes. Indeed, this can range from polished finished to stamped finishes which give the impression that the flooring is actually made from something else. For those who are interested in this new look, try looking up ‘concrete contractors’ or ‘cement contractors’ to see what they have on offer.

Poured surfaces are the very stuff that these designs are made from. One the material is starting to set the pattern block is impressed upon it. This can range from cobblestones to brick or wood and shells to any other design that is desired. Adding in some color to the material too gives this look that something extra as well.

Although the usual surfaces used to be traditional bricks and cobbles etc but since these were individual pieces, there was a tendency for the bricks to move or be displaced because of frost damage. Once the cold sets in, the materials between the bricks will swell and then subside pushing up the bricks against each other. With the pattern blocks, there is no way that the frost can get in between because the cracks are just not there.

Within the material, rods and other metal structures will reinforce the whole sheet and this ties it in to pavements and walls adjacent to the surfacing as well. Indeed, this is surely a good way to make a long-lasting surface to be used for cars, patios and just about anything where there is a lot of traffic.

Although there is a down side to laying this kind of flooring, cracks can still occur for example, there is a plus point too. If the joints or other meeting places are cut properly, this should allow for movement of the earth beneath, or for the heavy traffic which could cause some damage etc.

In fact this is a great way to decorate outside the home in a relatively easy way. Even water features can be put in using this same kind of method and walls too will benefit from having a rather lovely finish stamped onto them.

They still need some maintenance work, however, since no flooring is damage proof. But keeping back some color when the flooring is installed will mean that there is always some around to touch up what gets damaged with normal wear and tear.

Finally, although this kind of work can be done by the avid do-it-yourself enthusiast, it is much better to get in a professional company to make sure that all the edges etc are finished to a very high standard. They will also have several pattern blocks to choose from giving the householder the chance to see the finished pattern before opting for one or the other.

Take a look online for some examples of what can be achieved in this way and then let the imagination run wild!

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