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Carpenters And Expertise

February 24th, 2011

Carpenters are tradesmen involved in the carpentry aspect of any building project and they deal with all wood work. Carpenters are skilled trade’s people, participating years of schooling and apprenticeship. The work pays well and is still one of the most respected elements of construction and thought to be one of the most artistic elements as well.

A carpenter deals with all wood construction in any building project, retail and private. This can be both outdoor and indoor work. There are many areas of expertise amongst carpenters and the individual can choose what area, if any they would like to specialise in. It is considered one of the most artistic and exposed crafts and as a result still holds much respect and admiration.

Finish carpentry deals with more intricate elements of woodwork and construction where there is very little room for error and exactitude is incredibly important. Carpenters was also at one time referred to as being a joiner. The finisher may be part of the manufacture of musical instruments, furniture and cabinetry; they may also be the ones to create wooden models and other pieces of incredibly fine detail.

Trim deals with all the casings around doors and windows as well as the baseboards surrounding the bottom perimeter of a room. It also applies to the boards along the perimeter of the top of the room and very often these are decorative elements. All smaller decorative elements, above doors, windows, fireplaces and more fall under trim, and even some elements of cabinet making.

The cabinet maker is another example and they concentrate, as the name implies on cabinets of various sorts, from kitchens to dining rooms to living rooms. They also make wardrobes and dressers and it is considered another detail and decorative oriented element of woodworking.

The scenic carpenters build sets for various productions in theater, TV and film. Quite often these sets are very detailed and require almost, if not the same work that goes into the creation of the real unit these models are based upon.

The framer is the one who builds the framework of structures and this is seen in the early stages of construction when the house or building is nothing more than a wooden skeleton on which everything will be applied. This is certainly not the simple work of the field as it really is the base that everything will be applied to.

Carpenters work in all construction of home and business where material is wood of all kinds. They can build the frame of a house, the decorative trim that joins with the wall and ceiling, create the furniture and cabinets in the home, or give us the illusion of a house-interior for TV, theater and film.

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