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Curtain Considerations for Interior Design

March 2nd, 2011

When it comes to interior design and making an impact, curtains are a key element to this, whether you are a professional interior designer or refreshing your decor at home. Take the time to think about what will work well with the room and windows.

Whichever rooms you decide to interior design first, study the style of window. Are they Victorian sash windows? Smaller rectangular windows or bay windows? The type and size of window can determine the style and type of curtain that you use for the best effect.

Also you should consider the amount of light that comes into the room, this will depend on which direction the windows are facing. The amount of light and whether the room is naturally dark or light will also have a bearing on the type of curtains and curtain fabrics that you can use. For lighter rooms, an interior designer could get away with using heavy and draped fabrics if it is a reception room or bedroom. If a room doesn’t have a lot of light and is quite dingy, then sheer and see-through fabrics are ideal. These types of fabric are light and sheer, and also let more light into the room. Voile and net fabrics come in a range of pretty shades to match the room décor and are becoming more popular for the interior design of a room to give it an airy and lightweight feel co-ordinated with light coloured and pastel décor.

For large sash windows that reach up to high ceilings, an interior designer could choose curtains with swags of material to enhance these style of windows. Curtains such as swags and tails can give a very grand and sophisticated look that suit long sash windows perfectly. Because sash windows also let in a large amount of natural light, heavier fabric can be used for these windows. Another interior design trick is to use a clever and striking contrast of fabric matched with the décor and other soft furnishings.

In most post war houses, the windows tend to be smaller which will suit blinds and shorter curtains. Festoon blinds that are gathered are ideal for oblong, small windows and the amount of light can be adapted by pulling them up or down.

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