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Creative Ideas For Nursery Design

March 8th, 2011

Designing the nursery in your home when a baby is on the way is one of the most exciting and fun experiences new parents will enjoy. Preparing for baby is important because it means everything will be in order by the time your bundle of joy arrives. Creating a nursery that works for both you and baby requires you to focus on a number of aspects. The space should be comfortable, it should be safe and it should be easily organized, so it stays tidy even when you are busy with new-parent tasks. You may feel overwhelmed with an infant in your home, but if your nursery is organized and serene, it will have a calming effect on both you and your baby. Using LED picture lights and other picturing lighting enables you to highlight the artwork you choose for the nursery and it works well for a soft, subtle nightlight.

When choosing paint colors, select colors with warm tones. While it might be tempting to use bright, fun colors, remember the primary use of the nursery is for sleeping. If you think you would have trouble sleeping in a brightly colored room, it will be even tougher for a young child. You may also want to choose gender neutral colors too. While you may know months in advance whether your baby is a boy or a girl, you have no idea what their taste in colors will be like. If you do not want to repaint your child’s nursery when they are a couple of years old, try not to make the design too gender specific.

If you are worried about the build-up or dust and dander, especially if you have pets, consider making the floor of the nursery hardwood or another hard material. Most people opt for carpeting in a nursery because they know baby will be crawling and playing on the floor. However, this means your child will be breathing in anything left on the carpet after vacuuming. Hardwood does not hold onto the dust and pet dander and you can add soft throw rugs to the space that are easy to shake out and clean in the washing machine. This will make your child’s nursery a healthier breathing environment.

Remember your baby will constantly be learning, so make the environment somewhat stimulating. Mobiles are interesting for kids and can help them learn. You can buy manufactured mobiles in a variety of shapes and designs or you can make your own mobile with pictures of animals, different colors or even photos of family members.

Finally, be sure your nursery has plenty of storage space. While babies are small, they require a lot of stuff. Make sure everything is tidy and organized. Keeping the nursery well-organized helps you and your baby feel calmer in the space and helps make the focus bonding, resting and learning. If there is clutter everywhere, it will be difficult to feel calm and relaxed, so plan ahead for what you will need in terms of storage. Make it your goal to have everything ready and organized before baby arrives and you will be able to welcome your new child into a peaceful space.

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