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How To Design A Creative Utilitarian Kitchen

March 8th, 2011

One of the most important rooms in a home is the kitchen. There have been many occasions where a great kitchen made a difference to the potential buyer on whether or not they want to purchase your home. If your kitchen is designed properly, it will appeal to buyers and be a joy to use while you are still living in the space. There are a few tricks to creating a kitchen that is easy to use, while still having great style and feeling like a comfortable gathering place. You want to make the space a combination of utilitarian materials and great design. Just because you are cooking and cleaning in a space does not mean you cannot add art and style to the area. Highlight the art in your kitchen by using picture lights. A picture light brings attention to the piece and adds extra illumination to the room, always a great thing in a kitchen.

Kitchens, possibly more than any other room in your home, need plenty of storage space. Being able to hide away small appliances, cookware, food and linens is important in a kitchen so it does not get overwhelmed with clutter. The less you have out on display, the more organized the space is and the easier it is to work in. It is a good idea to consider other uses for the kitchen too, when it comes to storage. Is it a gathering place for your family or do children work on homework in the space? Do you find yourself dealing with household bills and other home management tasks in the kitchen? If there is no other space to work on these tasks, you will have to organize the kitchen so you can do these things efficiently in the space.

If you are designing your kitchen from scratch, put the major appliances in a triangle design. Professional chefs have their kitchens designed this way because it makes it as efficient as possible. The stove and oven; sink and refrigerator should form a triangle. This makes it easy to move from appliance to appliance without having to backtrack.

Choose flooring for the kitchen space that is easy to clean and that offers support when you are standing for long periods of time. The flooring should be sturdy and be able to stand up to spills. If the kitchen gets a lot of traffic and most kitchens do, you will need flooring that can handle plenty of wear and tear. There are also kitchen mats that help you stay comfortable while cooking and doing dishes. The supporting mats will help your feet and back feel better while you wash the dishes or preparing meals.

Finally, do your best to reduce kitchen counter clutter. The easiest way to make your kitchen look overwhelmed with clutter is to have the counter littered with mail, small appliances and various containers. The more you can put away, the better the space will look overall. This will also make it easier to dive into cooking and baking projects because there will be plenty of working space.

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