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What Is Modern Home Decor?

March 11th, 2011

You have no doubt heard all the buzz the last few years regarding modern home decor and contemporary home accessories. If you have decided that it is time for a room makeover in your house, you may want to consider implementing modern home accessories into your decor to freshen up the place. Although there has been plenty of talk about modern home decor, there are many people who do not understand and are not familiar with what exactly that is. It can become a complex subject because much of the inspiration for this popular trend ironically comes from retro and vintage decor. You have to be careful though, because there is a right way and a wrong way to incorporate this vintage decor into your home in order to produce a modern look.

The most important idea to remember when it comes to contemporary style is that less is more; small prints that repeat and designs that are lavish and overdone have no place in todays modern home decor. The contemporary style is all about smooth, clean lines, solid bright colors, neutral tones, and prints that are large. For example, 50 years ago flowers were popular for bedspreads. Today, flowers are still popular with bedding, but unlike the thousands of tiny flowers that covered every inch of bedding 50 years ago, modern home decor calls for one large, contrasting flower.

As long as you remember to keep it simple, you will be off to a good start remodeling any room in your home with a contemporary motif. One of the most attractive factors about modern home decor is the fact that there are many items left over from the vintage era that can still be used today. These authentic items, when used with solid colored rugs, clean, square tables, and simple window treatments seem to magically transform from vintage leftovers to affordable modern home decor.

If you find your confidence in your decorating ability to be wavering and you feel you could use some guidance, your best bet is going to be to get online and search the Internet for articles, photos, and other media and literature that will help you visualize a whole new contemporary look for your home. In no time at all, you will find that it will get easier to incorporate those long loved vintage items into a contemporary style for your home that will take you back in time and into the future simultaneously. This may very well be the beautiful paradox that makes modern home decor so popular today.

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