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How To Include Textiles In Your Home Decor

March 13th, 2011

When designing the rooms in your home it is important to consider all aspects of decorating such as paint color, style and fabrics of the furniture. Some people focus on paint colors or furnishings. Others make the main focus of their plans accessories and art. If you choose to focus on just one component in your design, your room will look out of balance and possibly incomplete. Instead of focusing on your favorite aspect of the room, take a look at the whole and make sure you are blending individual pieces into the overall look and style of the space. Textiles are one of the most important parts of a design plan because they affect so much in the room. The materials you choose will affect the color, the texture and the overall style of the room. From piano bench covers to a piano cover to other fabrics in the space, all of it will play a role in how you feel in the room.

When furnishing a space, you will likely base your choices on the comfort of the furniture, as well as the design and style and the color. Most furniture designers allow you to choose your upholstery fabrics, so if your pieces are custom designed, it will be easy picking items that go perfectly with the style of the space. If you are buying straight off the show room floor, you may need to shop around a bit more, but you are likely to eventually find something that fits into the space. Remember, if you cannot find a color that works, choose a piece whose style matches your design and with upholstery that is comfortable in a neutral color. To add color to the piece, you can always add pillows or have it reupholstered in the future.

Your drapery is also a big player in the design of a room. Some people hang some privacy shades and call it a day. If this is what you have done, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to bring texture and color into the space. Like the upholstery fabric, the drapery should complement the style of the space. Also consider how the natural light will affect the draperies. You may need to upgrade the quality of your window or find a way to protect the drapery fabric if you are making a big investment.

Another component of your room is the type of flooring you want in the room. Even if you have hardwood or laminate flooring, you will need to use rugs to complete your space. Textures should be comfortable and should work well with the style in the rest of your space. You should also choose colors and patterns that serve as accents in the space.

Finally, you can use tapestry hangings as accent pieces. They bring both art and texture into the room, both of which will give the space personality and warmth. Tapestries come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be hung in a variety of different ways.

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