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Choosing The Best Splashback For Your Kitchen

March 20th, 2011

Splashbacks add to the final look of your kitchen and are also very important for the maintenance of your kitchen. They provide protection against oil spatters, food debris and water which can damage your kitchen in no time. You need proper protection for areas where food is prepared and water can be splashed. It can be hard to decide which is best for you, especially with so many options available. Ideally, the one you choose will be easy to clean will last a long time and will add to the whole theme of your kitchen.

Consider your budget. –

It’s nice to want the very best materials for your kitchen splashbacks, but you still need to take your budget into consideration when choosing your splashback. The great thing about splashbacks is that some are offered at very reasonable prices. Part of your budget will need to include the maintenance that is required for your splashback. While some materials are easily cleaned with the use of a wet cloth and a bit of detergent, there are others that call for particular cleaning products to protect the splashback from damage and streaks. When considering your cleaning budget, remember that splashbacks that need more care will also take more time to clean. Let’s take a quick overview at some of your options for kitchens splashbacks.

Material options. –

The most common materials used are tiles. There are many fantastic, shape and style options available in tiling however keep in mind grout can become very dirty and will require some work to ensure a hygienic and clean surface. Glass splashbacks can be an expensive option, but the upside is they are very hygienic and easy to clean. For a more modern look in your kitchen, stainless steel is quite popular. Stainless steel is quite often used in professional kitchens and is known for being very hygienic. Be aware though, marks and smudges can show up easily on stainless steel and will require appropriate cleaning. If you decide to go with the more budget friendly option of paint, be sure it is water resistant, as with timber splashbacks. Timber looks beautiful in a kitchen but care needs to be taken to make sure it is sealed properly. Mosaic tiles can make a very attractive feature in your kitchen but once again, with tiles comes grout to keep clean. Be prepared when using tiles to put in a bit of elbow grease if grime builds up.

Choosing splashbacks for kitchen design can be a very exciting part of the process. By investigating your options and deciding what is best for you, you will have a beautiful kitchen with wonderful splashbacks that serve their purpose.

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