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African Home Decor – Top 5 Ways To Create An African Themed Home Décor

March 29th, 2011

With African décor you have a choice of quite a few styles. You can use a different motif in each room the looks can range from contemporary to jungle native. There are a lot of rich art works in the African culture and decorating your home in an African style will allow you to experiment with a wide range of colors. This is your opportunity to introduce rich and exotic class and style into your home and to make a great impression on friends and neighbors.

An African decorating scheme can encompass the full spectrum of colors from rich earth tones to the varying hues of the sky and the warm tans of the desert sands and beaches. Africa is such a huge and diverse continent that you can go wild with your decorating. Choose a different area for each room in your house. The ornate works from Morocco, the tribal motifs of the West Africa or a safari type jungle scene. For the best ideas go online or look up some of the native art and styles at your local library. Read on to get a feel for what is indeed possible when you choose to go wild.

1.) The palette is the first thing you have to decide upon when considering an African motif or African styled glass vases. You can go simple or go for something a little daring. Wall murals are one way to bring the feel of the jungle into your home. But if that is not to your taste start with some basic colors in the neutral palette. A beige works well with a stenciled border in a deep jewel tone.

2.) Furniture is the next step in this decorating project. The feel should be casual and a bit like you are in the great outdoors. Rattan is one of the chief furniture materials for a great African feel. For a more elegant and formal look hardwoods in rich colors will work just fine. Use large pieces with carvings and other interesting lines.

3.) The lighting in each room is very important. The more dramatic the lighting effects the more exotic the rooms will look and feel. Hurricane lamps, Moroccan lamps and even some of the native oil lamps will give the room the look of authenticity and provide a warm and exotic glow. Decorative lamps are very effective for creating an aesthetic ambience.

4.) Now it is time to consider the accents. You can buy everything from replicas of tribal masks to earthenware jars. Use the jars to put plants or other items in. Drums, cooking utensils from the country and woven baskets can all be utilized with great effect. The use of animal print throws and rugs will pull the entire scheme together beautifully.

5.) It is also natural to use candles as not only an accent but as a source of lighting.

Making a statement in decorations with African artifacts can be as simple as placing them on the wall or around the room in eye catching areas.

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