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10 Rules for Hanging Pictures

April 3rd, 2011

You will discover almost as many tips and ideas on the best ways to hang picture frames as there are individuals to ask their opinions. Nothing is set in stone, but listed here are 10 rules for hanging picture frames.

1. Use candle wax on threads to act as a lubricant and to stop the screw from breaking as you screw it into the frame.

2. Hang frames using D-rings or screw eyes that are positioned one quarter of the way down from the top of the frame on each of the sides. Be sure to drill small pilot holes first to avoid the potential of the frame splitting, and steer clear of drilling the pilot holes too near to the edges. Be careful that your pilot holes are put within the deepest section of the wood in the event the frame has uneven or sloped molding.

3. It truly is important, no matter how you hang your frame, that your particular manner you have chosen is strong enough to hold the weight of the frame. Most nails and picture hanging fixtures and fittings have a specific weight rating that will help direct you, so be sure to know at the very least the approximate weight of the frame or frames you’re going to be hanging.

4. To guarantee the safety of your artwork – so that it doesn’t fall off the wall to its demise – don’t use regular garden twine or cotton thread given that they can break easily; just use picture cord or picture wire. A more uncommon but nevertheless still useful choice is chain.

5. If you decide to use cord as opposed to wire, tie the cord using a reef knot so that the knot is self tightening. You are going to thread the cord through each ring, then you will make use of the reef knot to secure it. Tying a reef knot is not hard – right over left and under, then left over right and under.

6. Should you decide on using picture wire, simply double loop the wire in the D ring or screw eye then wrap it around itself toward the center of the frame to secure it.

7. The best option for you to choose when you have softer walls are X hooks, that will come with matching nails. The larger X hooks coupled with wall anchors will be more suitable for hard walls.

8. It is a good idea to hold your picture by its cord once it’s installed on the picture frame to test and ensure it is strong enough. Make sure you are holding the cord about six inches above the floor – you wouldn’t want the wire or cord to fail, leaving your treasured antique picture frames free-falling to your floor!

9. When deciding the positioning of this wall hook that will hold your artwork, understand that by far the most pleasing way for you to view artwork is at eye level so make sure that’s where it hangs.

10. To hold the image from the wall, use two slices of cork or another soft material at the two bottom corners of your picture frame.

By using these tips you should be able to hand just about any picture frame beautifully on the wall so that it looks like a pro came in and hung all your picture frames.

Autumn Lockwood is a writer for Your Picture Frames. If you’re looking for beautiful anniversary picture frames then you’ll love our huge selection of picture frames. Shop online or call us at 1-800-780-0699.

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