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Enhancing Kitchens With Tiles

April 4th, 2011

As the mother is the central hub in the family, so the kitchen is the hub of the home. A kitchen is not always just a kitchen where we cook our meals. Often it is also used for eating our meals too. As well as that, children love to come home from school, have a glass of milk and a snack, then settle down to do their homework at the kitchen table. This way they can be close to Mum if they need help with subjects they are working on. Mum and the kids can catch up with what the day held for each other while dinner is being prepared.

Kitchens can be homey and informal, jazzed up and trendy, arty or classy. How we choose to style them often depends on what sort of budget we have to work with. We can also choose styles that suit our own personality. Whatever way we choose it is important that everything in the kitchen compliments each other. Selecting cabinet and bench top colors should be done with the wall color in mind so that the resulting look is pleasing. Neutral wall colors are great as they give more freedom in the choice of contrasting shades.

When planning a kitchen design, don’t forget to consider the type of tiles you will use. Whether used for bench tops, walls or floor, choices can make or break the end result. Tiles used between bench and wall cupboards, or as a splashback can certainly enhance the look of a kitchen. There are many different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from giving you plentiful options. Ceramic floor tiles are popular for their good looks and the larger tiles cover big areas quicker when laying them. They are also easy to keep clean. Vinyl tiles are another easy to clean choice and are softer underfoot for those with leg problems. Both are durable and long lasting.

Wall tile colors can be chosen to blend in or to contrast. Many have feature tiles that are laid at intervals amongst the main tiles. Some have shaped tiles as features and fit in the same way. As in floor tiles, larger tiles cover wall area much quicker than small ones do, and therefore need less grout. Small tiles do look nice though and if there is no hurry to finish the job and you like them, by all means make them your choice. Make sure the color chosen ties in nicely with the surrounding hues. When selecting kitchen tiles, if you take into consideration budget, area to be covered, surrounding colors and the look you want to create, you can’t go wrong.

Tiling kitchens Brisbane can be a big job. It is made easier if we consult a kitchen design Brisbane firm, such as Craftbuilt Kitchens http://www.craftbuilt.com.au/, with ample experience in this area.

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