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Decorating Your House Using Family Photographs

April 12th, 2011

An individual can recall fond family memories by displaying your precious family photographs in your home. A lovely photograph which is thoughtfully framed within just the correct picture frame, creatively and properly hung, and viewed in the right light is definitely a welcoming and decorative addition to your house. Your life’s story can be told and you’ll always be reminded of what you are about when you have photographs of you and your family hanging on your walls.

Guests will feel welcome as soon as they view your beautifully displayed photos that demonstrate good memories and a lot of love. Because we are in a visual society, take your treasured memories and display them on the walls instead of photo albums or scrapbooks. Your family can gain daily enjoyment from them as they make your home more warm and delightful.

In this article, you will find some ideas on ways to decorate with family photographs, be it classical, traditional, or eclectic styles… You can make one of your family’s favorite photographs the focus for the room. Choose a photograph and enlarge it to somewhere in the 40″x30″ range, then find an attractive large picture frame and set somewhere prominent, like over the fireplace mantle. As you or your guests enter the room, all eyes immediately are drawn to the photograph, just as if it were an item of art.

Your photograph doesn’t need to be of loved ones to be placed on display; you most likely have a wide range of wonderful memories captured during travels or daily outings. These photographs may be enlarged, dramatically framed and hung in the dining room.

Additionally you can take some framed photos which you cherish and show them off in any creative or unique manner that draws a person’s eye, like using a plate rack that is hung on the wall.

Hallways are generally a conventional location to hang family photographs. This is a great place for one to display generations of photographs. Use non-traditional matting, for example having a square opening and off-center. Each picture can say a unique story if you decide on a simple picture frame. Adding dramatic lighting gives intensity to the subject matter.

It’s easy to forget that pictures may be hung anywhere as opposed to just on a wall. For example, in case you have a peg rack inside your entryway, pegged wainscoting, a coat rack, or perhaps a closet door you can utilize chain, string, or some pretty ribbon to hang a picture frame.

Displaying family photographs is an talent in and of itself, but it’s quite a bit less difficult as it might seem. Try taking several different photographs and framing them differently, then hang one or two of these on the wall and set the others on a shelf. You can actually overlap the photographs that are on the shelf, and then add some mementos to create an artistic and attractive grouping.

Your kitchen always ends up being the gathering place when guests are in your home, right? Why don’t you use it to display loved family photographs? Find some nooks and crannies and place in them some pictures of fond times which you want to reflect upon, so this “heart of the home” can become a more inviting and beloved spot.

If you try these ideas, you will end up filling your home with warm memories for your family, loved ones, and guests to treasure and enjoy.

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