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How Do You Prepare Your Garden For A New Shed?

April 16th, 2011

Adding a new shed to your garden can be a great way to make use of space, along with adding functionality with style. There are many options to choose from, ranging from a variety of pre-built models, kits and sheds that can be built to unique specifications. Preparing your garden for the new shed is essential, and having a solid plan in place will help make the process easier as well.

First, you’re going to need to determine the size of the shed you want. Depending upon the total area of a particular garden, along with what you plan on storing inside, the shed must be adequate enough to meet your requirements. Small gardens will likely necessitate a smaller shed, while larger open spaces can handle much bigger facilities. Once you’ve decided where to place the shed, you’ll have to stake out that area. Prefabricated sheds are easier to plan for, but building one from scratch isn’t very difficult either. Be sure to remove all plants and debris that are currently on top of the building site. This will allow you to start planning the flooring.

Some people choose to leave a regular dirt floor, while others prefer concrete. Using cement is a great option, since it allows the wood and other material to rest on a solid material, that won’t prematurely degrade the shed itself. It also helps keep tools and other items inside free of dirt and moisture. Dig a hole that is the size of the total shed and a little more (possibly 2-4 inches more on each side). Some people like to have the entrance area 1-2 feet before the shed opening cement as well. Depending upon the frost level your area experiences in the winter, you’ll want the depth to be at least 1 foot. Next, you’ll need to determine how your shed will be supported.

Pre-built models often don’t need to be secured directly to the cement, though some do. Building a shed from scratch will require post holders to be placed in the ground. It is important that you line these up with the exact dimensions of your building before pouring the concrete. Once they have been cemented in, it is extremely difficult to correct placement errors. After your flooring is taken care of, it’s time to bring in the shed parts. If other plants or ornaments are in the area, it is a good idea to remove them or protect them if at all possible. Heavy materials can crush fragile plants that you’ve taken years to care for.

Preparing your garden for a new shed is rather simple. Be sure to protect surrounding plants and ornaments, and completely clear the area the shed will be placed upon. Larger sheds may require you hire a cement truck to pour the floor, while smaller ones can usually be done by hand. Depending upon the material the shed is made from, you may have to do some painting as well.

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