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Why Console Tables Make Your Home Look Great

April 18th, 2011

Designs to Choose From

Let’s face it, everyone has a different idea about what looks great. Fortunately, so do the designers of console tables. Because they can appear both elegant in a dining room and functional in a home office area, these tables are highly qualified to blend in with many different rooms.

Rooms Enhanced by a Console Table

For the kitchen area, a console table can be, relative to the area of the kitchen, unobtrusive yet functional. The half-moon design in particular appears to pop out of the wall instead of giving the impression of taking up space. It provides the surface area that is needed for a modest plant or flower arrangement, and also has a lower shelf for additional items.

For the den, there is a distinct style of console table that may look entirely different than the one in the kitchen, and yet the function is similar: to enhance the existing décor. These console tables tend to be more suitable for holding books and similar items, family portraits, and knick-knacks. They present the items on display to the viewer, and can be the perfect place for a conversational piece or a family heirloom.

Living rooms usually have lamps and books that need to have a place. The dark wood of the living room console table, with or without drawers, permits the items placed upon it to shine. For example, if the lamp is particularly beautiful with intricate silver inlays, it can disappear into a busy background. The eye would be distracted by the different and competing patterns. If this same lamp is placed upon the rich laminated wood of the console table, it provides to this same lamp a stunning brilliance.

What about the hallways? They are transitional spaces that take the viewer from one room to the next. There are special hall console tables that are intended to meet this very need. These tables often, but not always, have straight legs and a functional appearance. They serve as plant holders and portrait placements, and often have a discreet drawer with a single or double knob opener. They may have lower shelving, and can help lead the eye to a painting that hangs above it. This is a particularly appealing aesthetic for people who own a prize painting and would like something beneath it so that it does not appear to hang suspended and unsupported.

Unifying Themes in the Home

These console tables actually function as a unifying feature when dispersed throughout the home. Because they are so versatile, each room can express unique characteristics; at the same time, the consistent appearance of these console tables creates an atmosphere of stability.

The rich and deep wood colours reflect, around the home, a peaceful and serene quality. These tables have a unique ability to add to the existing décor by simply being there. In essence, they function as a frame for the qualities that have been invested in the home to be seen through — a lens of elegance, austerity, functionality, and comfort.

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