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Bringing the Best of Nature Home to You!

April 23rd, 2011

Antlers and horns have long been prized throughout centuries and nations as the crowning jewels of the animals they grace, and mythically have served as symbols of luck, wealth, power, grace, and beauty. Deer, fallow, and elk antlers are indeed the crowning element of these beautiful and majestic animals. But a naked shed antler itself is not only a thing of natural beauty—it is a craftsman’s future masterpiece.

Once used traditionally in log homes, cabins, and lodges, antler chandeliers and accessories have recently emerged in New York. This new trend is spreading rapidly throughout the nation, exemplifying how to jazz up a setting of modern sleek furniture by adding such a simple yet magnificent element of nature.

Our unique antler chandelier designs are crafted from the antlers of moose, elk, white-tale and mule deer, all abundant in the region. With true expertise, devotion, and the finest craftsmanship, we ensure that all our real and reproduction white-tail, mule deer, fallow, and elk antlers light fixtures have a rare and rich eight-antlers-base, giving incomparable fixture depth and substance!

Our company abides to a policy of using only antlers that are already naturally shed for our antler chandeliers and products, thereby never killing or harming the animals. We offer both real deer antler chandeliers (an environmentally-friendly renewable source) and reproduction antler chandeliers. With years of extensive research and high-quality materials the cast antler chandeliers are crafted and hand-stained for a natural look resulting in a lightweight yet extremely tough product.

The antlers are carefully drilled so all the wiring is internal and hidden in order to enhance the beauty of the product. Furthermore, each part of the fixture, whether real deer antler chandeliers or cast antler lights, is certified to comply with the most stringent manufacturing and safety codes in the US and Canada. Each fixture is assembled by hand and the bolts are counter sunk for a flawless appearance.

Our fixtures enhance a variety of interior styles, from rustic lodge and ranch to modern and edgy. The juxtaposition of an organic form like an antler chandelier and a modern interior adds interest to the room. Because of their beauty and durability, the chandeliers can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Instil an emblem of natural beauty, grace, and luck in your home—because we bring the best of nature home to you.

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