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How To Achieve Your Dream Kitchen In A Small Sized Kitchen

May 4th, 2011

In selling a home, one of the major considerations that a buyer will look into is the kitchen. The kitchen may come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It may be big, medium sized or small. Unfortunately, these days, a lot of houses don’t have big enough sized kitchen to meet the desires of every homeowner. Nowadays, most homeowners are stuck with a kitchen that is smaller than they would have preferred. However, there are a few things that you can do in order to make your small space look like an absolute dream! Read on as I explain some tips and tricks to achieve this simple goal.

Start off by creating the class “L” shape layout to your small sized kitchen. This will instantly make it feel like a more spacious place to be in. If you need to use space form an attracted room, then don’t be afraid to do this too as this will only add to the spice and attractiveness of your kitchen. With an “L” shape layout for your kitchen, there is enough room for a beautiful breakfast table as well. Everyone loves a breakfast table, this alone will add attractiveness and value to your house! So don’t ever skip this simple but very useful tip!

Want to make the kitchen appear as if it has more space than it actually do? After this, it’s pretty simple, just choose appliances that are of light color which also blend in with one another. Doing this will create the illusion that it has more space than you actually do. By any means, try to resist the temptation of adding darker colors to the appliances because it will ruin altogether the purpose of this technique due to the contrast and will make your kitchen look just as small as ever!

Cut down on buying a counter top microwave, this really does waste up a lot of unnecessary space. Nowadays you can buy microwaves that can be attached to your kitchen walls. Think about it, is it really going to be in the way on a wall? It wont be! Through this, you can show off the free space on your counter top but still have the convenience of owning a microwave. Also, check your current kitchen cabinets. How much content are they actually holding? Do you really need that many in your already small kitchen? Don’t be afraid to take some of it down and replace it with a simple shelf to store and display some of your goods!

Another great little tip for making your kitchen seem bigger is to take down your ceiling light. Why is this you ask? Well, if you add recessed lighting that means there will be a small alcove where some lights can sit level with the rest of the ceiling. This might sound unusual to you, but trust me, if you have this type of lighting in your kitchen, it will make it look larger and much more modern. The more modern your kitchen looks, the more attractive it will be!

Just a quick tip to finish things off. If you want to make your smaller kitchen look even more beautiful, then you can always get some beautiful kitchen cabinets made up! Make sure you get these done by a professional though because you want quality in your kitchen definitely. Not only will these look great in a small kitchen, but they will also make the value of your house shoot right on up! Therefore, if you have a kitchen that is small sized, then just follow these tips and get some great kitchen cabinets made especially for them and you will achieve your dream kitchen in no time!

Selecting the perfect cabinets for your kitchen in Calgary can seem like an overwhelming task. By working with Huntwood Industries, you can ensure that you are working with a company that views you as a partner instead of just another opportunity to make money. Just go to our cabinets to see exactly what Huntwood can offer you.

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