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What You Need To Know Before Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture

May 5th, 2011

What a wonderful day. The birds are chirping, the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee fills the air.. Walking toward the patio from the window you can’t help but treasure the view of your backyard. The stunning foliage and vibrant blossoms against the scenery of a clear blue sky are begging you to enjoy the outdoors. You want to sit outside but your current outdoor patio furniture is the pits. You have been meaning to invite your friends over for a barbecue but you’re worried about the condition of your patio furniture. You have been meaning to buy new furniture but all of the choices are so confusing. You don’t mind spending money on quality outdoor patio furniture as long as it will look just as good in a few years from now. Out of the blue, you hear the sound of the door bell. You quickly close the blinds to hide your old outdoor furniture from sight then race to see who is at the front door.

The good news is, your pal Martha shows up at the door and wants to go furniture shopping. You love what she did with her home so you don’t hesitate to accompany her. On the way, Martha explains what you need to consider before purchasing outdoor furniture. Martha explained that she has designed her home with contemporary Asian furniture and considers her patio as an extension of her home. “A lot of people spend all their money on the inside of their home and forget about the patio,” says Martha. Martha goes on to share, “I spend almost as much time outside as I do inside so I want something that looks great, holds up to the weather and is very comfortable.”

You want to make sure that the patio furniture that is woven with a resin wicker on aluminum frames. Weaving has been a traditional craft for several generations in Central Java. For this reason, their quality is far superior to those made in other countries like China. Also, keep in mind that rain is your outdoor furniture’s worst enemy. Therefore, make sure the furniture is assembled with powder-coated frames and is woven with poly rattan. The powder-coated frames will not rust and the poly rattan weaves are water-resistant. When you combine a frame that will not rust with a water-resistant woven fabric you have a durable piece of furniture that will last for many years.

No patio is complete with sofas, coffee tables, box furniture and sun loungers. It really depends how large of an area you have to work with. There are literally countless designs, dozens of colors and all different shapes available. It is also possible to send a picture or drawing of a furniture piece that you would like to have made for you. Custom made furniture really gives a unique personality to your home. Perhaps the best part is the fact that all of your outdoor furniture shopping can be done online without leaving your home.

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