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Decorate Your Home With Candles and See It Come to Life!

May 5th, 2011

Candles have never really gone out of style. For nearly 3,000 years, human beings have enjoyed the light, glow, mystery and mood that even a single candle can give.

To me, candles are calming, exciting, intriguing and beautiful – all at the same time. Seeing candles dotting a room give it a little something that I feel no other item can, especially when lit. I also enjoy scented candles and how they make my bedroom smell absolutely wonderful! Moreover, unlike valuable crystals and costly furniture, candles remain an affordable indulgence.

Perhaps these are some reasons why we love decorating our homes with this seemingly small human invention.

If you enjoy candles as much as I do, there’s nothing stopping you from filling your home with their warmth, fragrance and style! Here are some easy ways to add punch to the rooms in your home:

Is it just me or are children really fascinated with floating candles? The kids at my house love floating them unlit in a clear bowl of water and clamour for me to light them! (Yes, these kids are taught candle safety.)

For a great table centerpiece, place colourful fruits in with the water and embellish with a floating candle on top! Or, you can put three floating candles in your favourite colors along with small water lilies for that fresh, lovely feel. Now all you need is a frog prince!

Floating candles in water also have the added benefit of bringing in good feng shui energy into your home!

Mirrors make excellent partners for your candles. They reflect the glow of lit candles, adding to that sense of mystery and intrigue. A cluster of candles in front of a wall mirror will do just the trick. A mirrored tray will also be perfect as candle holders!

Pillar candles are simply lovely, especially on special occasions. To give your guests a warm welcome, adorn a small table outside your front door with pillar candles resting in a bowl of glass marbles, ribbon cuttings and potpourri. Or, take advantage of the myriad of shapes, colors and textures pillar candles come in these days and group together several seemingly mismatched pillars for a striking look! You can tie a single theme around a set of dissimilar pillars – such as, all metallics or all textured or all on a bed of greenery. Have fun!

Have a lot of votive candles lying around? Bring out those teacups you never use, align them creatively and pop in a votive in each. Votives work best in clusters and those teacups will finally be put to good use!

For more creative candle ideas, you can also try placing votives in tiny sauce dishes, unused ashtrays, or in recycled jam jars. This way, you not only light up your home, you’re also contributing, albeit in a tiny way, to reducing, reusing and recycling!

Tapered candles add elegance to any meal, with paired tapers as the ultimate sign of a romantic dinner for two. If you want other ways of enhancing a room with tapers, how bout instead of using two, cluster tapered candles of different heights in a compact arrangement. A cluster of tapers in the same color family can enliven your old color schemes and placing similar tapers in different candle holders is a fresh way of putting a spark to this old classic (pardon the pun.) Moreover, tapered candles don’t have to always be relegated to the dining room! Experiment!

You can put together candles by theme – for instance, for a Middle Eastern flair, mix together gold, burgundy and brown candles in a table set up that includes colored glassware, brass trimmed coasters and trays, and rustic jars or old perfume bottles. Placing olive green or black candles in a shallow celadon (a green ceramic) dish with some water, grass patches and flat stones give an Asian feel to your room or table.

Finally, feature candles prominently at picnics, barbecues and outdoor parties by placing them in hurricane lamps or concave holders. This way, your barbecue or picnic will not just be another barbecue or picnic but something that exudes style, mood and relaxation.

There are many ways that you can use candles to brighten up a space. The options are limitless depending on your personal flair, experimentation and creativity. My one last tip is this: go for it!


National Candle Association, www.candles.org

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