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Decorating with Wall Art and Accessories

May 5th, 2011

When you are decorating a room, the last items to be placed need to be your wall art and accessories, since they direct your eye down and across the items that are in your living space. It is a good plan to have your room decor finished to enable you to properly comprehend the overall feel of your room and know what it will be like as soon as your wall art is hung. Your wall art can serve to make things such as colors within the room be cohesive by incorporating the competing colors within the artwork. For example, you may have more than one shade of blue in the room that appear to compete, but when you hang an item of art which has both blue tones in it, and also other colors, it is going to bring it together for a cohesive look.

Items for Walls

Elegant picture frames aren’t the only things that you can look at when decorating your walls. You can consider other items as wall art, such as sconces, paintings, prints, sculptures, textile or fiber art (like rugs), candleholders, framed mirrors, and architectural elements like corbels, as well as dishes.

How Do I Decorate If I Don’t Own Much Art?

If you do not have a large amount of wall art however you desire to incorporate art into your decor, choose one large piece that almost fills the wall surface area – a painting would work best, perhaps something that has an ornate silver picture frame or any other color to match your decor. Using only one large piece is an excellent way in which you’ll be able to simplify your decorating efforts.

No matter the size, you’ll be able to enhance small and inexpensive artwork by hanging it on your wall that is painted with rich, dark colors – this really can make it pop!

When Your Artwork Needs To Share Wall Surface Area

More often than not, your wall art is going to be sharing its space along with other accessories. Some ways that you can combine accessories along with your wall art include, photographs with textile art, sconces, framed mirrors and art, sconces and paintings, and paintings paired with wall brackets. When you are adding more than one accessory to a wall, it’s really a good plan get started on your arrangement in the middle of your wall. Add items beside or beneath the central grouping.

Hanging Collections

If you have an accumulation of similar works such as line drawings or old botanical prints, hanging them in a large grouping on the wall is a great way to display your collection. A large grouping is another fantastic way to show off your family photographs. Developing a family photo wall may be daunting, especially when there are several photographs that you would like to display. Here are some tricks to make hanging groupings somewhat easier:

• All of the frames do not need to be the same, but they need to be similar, like all silver, or all black, or gold, or any other color or style that looks good with your present decor.

• When you do have a lot of frames to hang, like more than six, you can easily lay them on the floor and experiment with various arrangements until you have found one which pleases you, then begin from the center and transfer them separately to the wall.

• For a more pleasing arrangement, should they be photographs, they really should all either be color or black and white (it is possible to mix in some sepia photos along with the black and white arrangement.) If you are at a loss in regards to what to accessorize your walls with, an ideal choice more often than not is a framed mirror. It ought to be big and dramatic and in addition it needs to complement your room’s style and decor.

It’s a fun task to add art and accessories into your room, since you don’t have to consider their function, only how great they look.

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