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Wall Mural Painting Ideas

May 5th, 2011

Painting a wall mural at home, can be done by most anyone who desires to, with some instruction and tips to feel more comfortable with it, before starting the project. It can be a fun, and creative outlet in which the ideas are endless, giving way to express some of your own style to a room.

With some planning stategies, patience, and practice, there are various aids on the market to assist, painting a wall mural is dp-able for most people.

Whatever you enjoy seeing can become a mural! Decorating suggestions with fine art photography can be a catlyst for inspiring ideas and interest. Landscapes are a big hit option for many folks that can cover large areas of a wall. Think about an enchanted forest, a gentle flowing stream, a snow covered mountain, anything that evokes a sense of peace for any room.

Wall murals can also be pictures painted onto a wall that does the same thing as a framed picture. Accent designs that bring out your décor or architecture details are another idea. Tuscan themes, bearing lush, hanging grapes in vineyard rows, gives an attractive finishing touch to a room, and evoke dreams of an Italian getaway. Flowers always look elegant and natural. An abstract design mural can add interest and flare to a contemporary designed room.

For offices, schools and other businesses, appropriate murals can dimish a sterile, impersonal institutional look, adding color and warmth and personality .

You’ll need to properly prep the wall before starting. It needs to be clean and grease-free. Fill holes, cracks, and crevices with putty. Depending on the effect you’re after a rough surface might be best, or if you need to smooth it slightly, sand lightly. Then apply a good quality primer.

Water-based acrylic paints are a good option for interior wall murals. You might need oil paint for exteriors. Try to get hard-wearing, waterproof paints with a built-in ‘sunscreen’ to prevent fading on exterior wall murals.

You’ll first want to apply your background color. If you are painting a landscape, you will begin by painting wall with the chosen background color and build up your picture in layers. Your last layer will be the fine detail. Once you have a background paint on (be mindful if you need 2 or 3 coats for that base color), and let it dry thoroughly.

You are ready to sketch your design. Few can do this freehand. Using a picture you want to paint, and you can enlarge it, sketching the outer lines to your wall. There are computer software applications to help you do this. Another idea is to use stencils, which are a perfect solution. A final option is consider hiring an artist to do the rough sketch onto the wall, allowing you to finish the project.

Then apply the paint, carefully and slowly, similar to a paint by numbers kit. When your paint has dried thoroughly, applying good quality clear sealant completes the job.

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