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Instructions To Make Fragranced Rice Neck Pillows

May 7th, 2011

Scented neck rice pillows are easy to make. They can be scented to bring a relaxing and comfortable touch for sore, achey muscles and a nice moment to enjoy in a hectic day. The scented neck rick pillow can be warmed and applied to the back of the neck, or any sore muscles.

Making them for either yourself or a gift for someone special can be rewarding and a joy to give. Another homemade craft idea for yourself or a personalized gift, is to learn how to make marble magnet projects at home. Both projects cost little to create, and can be created them with flair to reflect your own personality.

To make the pillow, use some good quality 100% muslin fabric, and pinking shears to cut two pieces of muslin fabric, 24 inches by 16 inches or any dimension you want. The pillow will be double thick. Place the muslin pieces on top of each other and fold in half, length wise. Fabric should now be about 24″ x 8″. Sew the edges using a five eights seam allowance. Leave about two inches open at one end.

Time to make the stuffing for your pillow. Rice is a good and inexpensive stuffing that can be mixed with other elements like as lavender sprigs, spices for example cloves, cinnamon, or finely grated vanilla bean. Be careful not to add anything bulky or sharp, as i will be laid upon. You don’t want any discomfort. Popcorn or any other type of kernel that could pop when heated is not advisable.

Use roughly three quarters cup of lavender flowers, or ground cinnamon bark, or any other ingredients you desire, and the remaining rice. You can add a few drops of essential oil to the rice if you want and mix well. If you employ the use of essential oils, consider letting the oils absorb into the rice a few hours, before stuffing into the pillow, to avoid the oils staining the fabric excessively.

Put the rice blend into the muslin pillow you’ve just made up to four to six inches from the top, then sew the end shut, being careful not to let it spill while sewing.

You’ll want to make a small pillow case to cover your neck pillow that allows for easy washing, since the pillow itself cannot be cleaned. Use the finished neck pillow as a pattern for your final small pillow case. Use very soft fabric such as flannel or whatever else you desire, that is washable. Cut one piece of fabric thirthy inches by twenty inches, or to fit the pillow you just made.

Fold in half length wise with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Sew one end and the open side using a five eights inch seam allowance. Clip excessive fabric from the corners and turn the seams inside out. Press the seams with an iron. Press the last open edge one quarter inch, towards the inside of the case. Fold edge again, press and sew down, creating a finished hem. Still leave case open. For a closure for the pillow case, use either two or three or pieces of Velcro. Now put your pillow inside your new pillow case and its finished!

To warm your pillow, place in the microwave for one and a half to two minutes each side on a medium heat. Be mindful when applying the rice pillow to skin, and not to overheat the pillow ! The rice grains can get quite hot, and so useage is not recommended for young children, or babies. It’s note worthy when heated, the smell will be stronger, than when the pillow is cool, so be mindful not to add too much scent.

You play with different fragrance blends, and colors and fabric textures for the pillowcases. It could be easy to design with a custom shapes for these pillows. The ideas are limited only by your own creativity.

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