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How to Maintain Your Wood Patio Furniture

May 9th, 2011

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Spring and summer are the usual seasons when people come out of their houses to enjoy outdoor activities. Relaxing under the heat of the sun is what they typically do during their free time. It can be also in this point in time when the yard is adorned with wood patio furniture.

Nonetheless, just before you could take pride of the seemingly classic beauty of such outdoor furniture, you should not just take efforts in making it spotless, but you have to also make certain that it can endure the season. This write-up discusses several important tips on how you could take excellent care of your wood patio furniture.

Primarily, a sealant ought to be applied onto your wood furniture to safeguard it from extreme weathers. For instance, rainwater would not be absorbed by the furniture’s wood as it just beads up and practically rolls off from this.

As a matter of fact, your wood patio furniture ought to be resealed once every three to five years and spot sealing ought to be carried out annually when needed. On the other hand, if your solid wood furniture is created from logs, you might find difficulties when you seal it; therefore, it really is suggested that you simply either pull it inside or cloak it with a waterproof cover in case of rainy weather conditions.

If it does rain and your wood patio furniture happens to be wet, you have to immediately dry it by exposing it under the sun. Remember that wet furniture could trigger rotting wood.

Lastly, check your wood patio furniture for any rough spots or damaged areas as these ought to be sanded out with the use of a fine sand paper, which assists in making it appear nicer and smoother. This saves any person who sits on the furniture from splinters and tears on their clothes.

On the whole, the abovementioned actions wish to enhance the longevity and beauty of your wood patio furniture. All you must give is a small amount of your time, and you’ll be able to save a large quantity of cash in the end.

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