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Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Home Office To Create A Professional Home Office

May 16th, 2011

You want a functional office space without having to spend most of the budget on items to get it organized and professional looking. You are in luck, it really does not need to cost an “arm and a leg” to get a professional looking workspace. Just because an item is inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is poor in quality or that it has to look shabby or poorly made. Read on to find out more about decorating a home office on a shoestring budget.

A lot of these ideas may seem like, just good old fashioned common sense to most of you. The truth is they are but in the rush of excitement anyone can overlook the obvious. You are so excited about your business that you think cost cutting will somehow diminish the impact. We are here to be the voice of reason at this point. Sure new is a good thing, but how much further would your decorating budget go if some of the insignificant items could be purchased for less. This is what this article is about.

1. The Barter system is alive and well and making use of it is a great way to start getting the items you need for your home office. Family and friends may already possess a few of the items you need for office. You can get great items for a song if you only know where to look. One writer had a great aunt who never gave away anything. She needed a desk and offered to clean out the attic in exchange for anything she could use and sure enough there was a beautiful oak roll top desk tucked away under mounds of dust in corner. Luck favors those who set them in its path.

2. Used furniture stores often can be the source of great bargains. Do not be soo eager to pass them by. You can find great class vases for a fraction of what they owuld cost otherwise.

3. Yard sales and thrift stores can also be a place to get organizers and file cabinets for less.

4. Look around your basement, attic and in closets. You may have the items you need already. Decorating a snazzy office with a few pictures or beautiful glass vases that you can add fresh flowers from your garden to will really give the home office a touch of class.

5. Candle lanterns are also a great touch and will look extremely professional in a wall scone.

Make the most of your decorating dollar. When painting your home office choose neutral colors that are easy to match. For more tips like these you can go online and you may also find some great bargains on home office decorations there as well.

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