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Top Beach House Decorating Ideas

May 22nd, 2011

Having a beach house or just decorating your home to give you that free and easy feeling can be done without great expense. Beach house style is cool, breezy, clean and crisp. To achieve a beach style motif you must take all your decorating clues from nature. You can bring the elements of the sand and surf into your home and relax in a serene setting. Below are a few of the top nautical home decor ideas and secrets to making your home reminiscent of the beach.

First thing you will need to do is to get rid of the clutter. Beach décor is a minimalistic tableau. Less is really more when you see the awesome ways you can decorate without having a lot of items strewn around.

Choose sea inspired colors for your walls. Any of the cool hues on the color wheel will do nicely. Pastel blues, pinks, corals and other soft natural colors will give you a great canvas to work from.

Make liberal use of stark whites, this will give an open and airy feel to any room.

Use plank like paneling in the bedrooms to give it that beach shanty appeal. Keep it simple and basic. Using colors that complement each other.

Use wide slat blinds and/or gauzy type curtains for your window treatments. The entire effect should be one that brings to mind a fresh ocean breeze, and the window treatments blowing in it.

Natural wood floors are great in a beach setting. The use of throw rugs that bring out the warmth of the wood will be a good addition as well. Again stick with the lighter colors.

Tile floors can also be a great beach decorating option. You can enhance the cool tiles with rugs; the balance of smooth with texture gives you the contrast found in the great outdoors.

Use slip covers that match the rest of the décor to give your home that “vacation like” feel. Make liberal use of ottomans, not only do they look great, they also provide extra seating, or you can just throw your feet up and relax.

Wicker furniture has long been a favorite of decorators when planning a beach house theme. The furnishings add to the image of being in an ocean front bungalow. Glass vases filled with colorful flowers will compliment any decor.

Do not stop with the indoors carry your theme out onto the patio with a great set of Adirondack chairs and a matching table. Use candle laterns to add a warm glow to trhe night as you sip a glassof wine andadmire the sunset.

If you follow these tips you are sure to have a home that will take your breath away each time you enter through the doors. Use plants that are found near, in and around bodies of water to complete the effect.

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