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Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks – Many Reasons to Choose This Excellent Sink

May 29th, 2011

Good Reasons To Choose Cast Iron Sinks

Why do so many people choose these sinks? For starters, they are strong and durable. Cast iron steel is very strong when the porcelain enamel becomes one with this sink, it because easy to maintain and resists chipping or scratching. With the excellent qualities resulting from this combination, it is difficult to not consider it.

Because the ability to repair cast iron and porcelain enamel, restoring can magically result in a new sink. You can always have the porcelain enamel refinished with no problem and minor repairs on the cast iron will not break the bank. With a bit of planning, you can take an older cast iron sink and custom color your sink to match your kitchen!

From Classic to Contemporary – A Designers Inspiration

In todays modern kitchens, cast iron kitchens sinks have made a resurgence. While stainless steel sinks still are in demand, there is no fair match in strength and esthetics with a porcelain sink. Browse through any kitchen remodeling book or magazine and you will see the many feature articles and advertisements featuring porcelain cast iron sinks. Brand names like Kohler, Wheatland or Lawnfield come to mind. That’s because these sinks have found their way into todays custom kitchen designs.

For example the simple country style kitchen or farmhouse kitchen theme is quite popular. In this example, turn of the century country theme for kitchens is a trend with the cast iron kitchen sink as the leading choice for both designer and homeowner

Examples types of sinks:

Double Bowl Black Cast Iron Undermount Island or Prep Sink Apron Front Undercounter

The Secret Qualities of Porcelain Enameling

An interesting side note about the cast iron sink is that it has set the standard for all sinks as many qualities found in the construction of a cast iron and porcelain enameling are constantly being copied or duplicated

This goes to show that the high glossy effect from porcelain enameling is both durable and beautiful. They are simple to clean. Just use basic soap and water; do not forget that enamel resists stains..did I say that already?

However, the cost of the alternative sinks cannot outweigh the overall quality a value of a cast iron sink. Of course that is a matter of opinion and design function.

Considerations to Think About Cast Iron.

Although cast iron qualities are very high, it does have its flaws. Here are some downsides to consider.

The bulkiness of cast iron is both heavy and challenging to work with.

The surface is coated with a porcelain enamel which looks beautiful but it can also chip if pushed to the limits and over time it can wear showing its unattractive side.

According to the style of sink you choose, special awareness is required when preparing your installation. Because of its weight, proper support is needed and you will need an competent professional to finish the job.

One final concern that needs to be attended to is that of rust. Ok, cast iron is a metal so it is susceptible to rust. This can easily start if a chip or crack in the porcelain is not fixed right away. After a point in time the deterioration will do its damage and you will have to get it repaired.

Although a lot can be said about the flawed nature of cast iron sinks, one cannot dispute that the pros out weigh the cons for the beauty of these sinks.. Finally you should consider both the positive and negative reasons in your decision on cast iron sinks.

Steve has enjoyed freelance writing for the last 3 years on various topics. He also has a passion for publishing websites. Visit his website at http://www.farmhousekitchensinks.net that helps passionate homeowners find the best cast iron kitchen sinks.

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