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Assessing Flooring Design Choices for Your Residence

May 20th, 2011

While constructing a new home or working on a house remodel, the flooring and carpeting designs are vital to making the project successful. Choosing the right flooring design can give a home greater resale value, as well as allowing the homeowner to enjoy the home much more while living there. Below are some residential flooring choices for your place and the benefits each one offers:

Hardwood Flooring

Genuine hardwood flooring is a great choice for any home. It adds warmth, natural beauty and richness to any room in your home. The wood species choices and the flooring design options are unlimited. If maintained properly, hardwood flooring is recognized for it’s durability and longevity. For this reason, they are high quality, yet affordable flooring choice for any room.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tiles are a very good flooring design option for kitchens and bathrooms. It is very durable and easy to maintain. In fact, ceramic is so durable it can even be used outside on a patio or in a swimming pool area. Like hardwood flooring, ceramic comes in virtually unlimited colors and patterns, so it can be made to fit any style.

Natural Stone Tile Flooring

Natural stone tile is among the best quality and most luxurious residential flooring design options. There are types of stone to choose from; including marble, travertine and slate. The natural beauty of these stones adds life to any room in the house. Some things to keep in mind about natural stone is that it’s porous and need regular maintenance and it also costs a little more than most other kinds of flooring. You may not want this in a room that will have lots of foot traffic or is susceptible to stains and spills.


Carpeting is an affordable flooring option that will work well in almost any room in the house. Carpeting design options are only limited by the imagination of the individual. Carpeting works especially well in cooler climates to add warmth to a room during the middle of the winter. If you are in a northern climate and have a below ground basement, you may want to consider a carpeted floor to warm it up.

Laminate/Vinyl Flooring

For those on a tighter budget, a laminate or vinyl flooring option might be a good choice. Laminate and vinyl are durable and can last a long time. They also do a good job of imitating the look and feel of a real hardwood or natural stone floor. They can accommodate lots of foot traffic from children and pets without wearing down too quickly. The main drawback of course is that these are imitations and will not give your home the same value as a genuine hardwood or natural stone tile floor. Still, for many families, these floors are a good choice.

Flooring Installation

Installing your new floor can be a very difficult ‘do it yourself’ job. Many times a faulty installation job can cost more in the long run because of untimely damage to the materials due to factors like leakage that could have been prevented with a proper installation. Unless you or someone you know has a lot of experience in this area, it may be best to use professional flooring contractors that can make sure your new floor is installed correctly the first time.

Benefits You Will Receive From Hardwood Flooring

May 19th, 2011

Have you been trying to determine if hardwood flooring would be the best choice for certain rooms in your home, but can’t make up your mind? There are a variety of benefits that you need to learn about for this type of flooring that will allow you to make an informed choice.

Once you know these benefits, your choice will be much simpler for you to make. Below are the benefits that you have to have firmly in your mind.

1. Adds value to your home – Many people are not aware that hardwood floors will add value to their home, but it is true. The value comes from the natural beauty and the fact that this flooring is designed to be long lasting.

2. Easy to care for and clean – The floors in your home need to be easy to care for and to clean because if they are not, then you will end up with flooring that is stained or worse. Hardwood floors are really easy to care for and to keep clean, no matter what room they are in.

Plus, they don’t require a lot of time to clean, especially if you take good care of them and clean them on a regular basis.

3. Lets you create a certain look and feel in any room – Are you going to for a certain look and feel for a specific room in your home? Then you can’t go wrong with hardwood because this flooring can help anyone achieve a particular look that makes your home more you.

4. Durability – You want to have flooring that is going to last you for a long time, right? Hardwood is very durable and made to last for a very long time, as long as you take good care of it.

Flooring like this will not only last for a long period of time, but it will also help eliminate stains from spills, especially if the right type is chosen. With hardwood being so durable, you won’t have the worry of needing to replace it in the near future, like you might with other types of flooring.

5. Cost – Hardwood is very affordable for anyone. Time will be needed to check out the varying costs and flooring options, but with research, finding exactly what you want for a price you can easily afford will not be hard to do.

With these benefits firmly in your mind, you are now ready to make your decision about whether hardwood flooring is the best option for your home. Be sure you have taken time to look at all your flooring options before you make your decision so you can be confident in the final decision that you do make.

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Organizing Home Renovation Projects

May 18th, 2011

So much goes into home renovations. A lot is dependent on if you are choosing to do the renovations yourself or hiring a professional contractor to do the work. Many people will choose to do some smaller home renovations on their own leaving bigger remodels such as kitchens and bathrooms to the professionals.

No matter what you choose when it comes to your own home one of the first tips I can offer you is to stay organized and keep an eye on the progress of the work. Even if you are working on a home renovation by yourself you will want to keep a checklist on yourself to ensure the project does not drag on forever. Of course flexibility is often needed when it comes to set backs and ordering delays. Don’t let those things throw off the entire timeline of the project. If you are stuck because the flooring has arrived do not let that stop you from completing other finishing touches to keep the momentum.

One great organizing tip I received from a friend is to keep folders for each separate trade. If your project calls for you to have to deal with an electrician, a plumber, and a general handyman you would have three separate folders. In them you then would keep track of contracts, notes and conversations that have taken place. This way if you need to refer back to a conversation you have it at the tip of your fingers. This applies if you are the contractor or if you have hired someone to do the remodel. The great thing is that you will also have at your fingertips these references if you need them later on.

When dealing with different contractors you will want to make sure that your requests are spoken and written. Make sure, for instance, if you hire an electrician they know that so many outlets need to be within a room of each size. It is up to you that if you want them placed in certain areas that you make sure your electrician knows this. If you do not specify what you want they may not place them in locations that are desirable for the way that your room and furniture will be configured.

Another handyman tip is that if you have a painter in to paint the house. Remember that they will not automatically save extra for you to touch up. Make sure that you ask for a container of touch up paint. These are things that your contractor will automatically think of.

There are some areas that will bring you more return on your purchase. These areas include home renovations in areas where the water is such as kitchens and baths. These are areas that people will focus a lot of attention on when they enter your home. Another thing that people look for way before name brand fixtures are is trim work. Money spent on crown molding and trim work done in a professional manner will definitely make your money back in the long run.

Learning the Real Benefits of Custom Made Cabinetry

May 18th, 2011

Innovation is a grand thing, and when it comes to your kitchen, at the top of the innovation ladder is custom made cabinetry. Whether your intention is to make your kitchen a unique, exotic cooking center or you want one with new age design and style, cabinetry can breathe new life not only into your kitchen, but into your entire home. One of the biggest attractions to having unique cupboards installed instead of stock is that the custom made cabinetry is much more affordable than many people think! There are so many excellent cabinet makers that have come in the market now that they have created a whole new world of variety for home owners to revel in and choose from.

When you opt to go this route with your kitchen, there are no limits to the ideas and possibilities in renovation. You will be able to choose everything about them, including the material they are made of, the stain, tint or color, the type, shape and material of hardware, the texture and also the shape of your cabinetry. The very best companies in this industry believe that the top creator for woodworking for the kitchen and bath is the customer himself! These are the companies that have their talented craftsmen build custom made cabinets according to the requirements of their customers.

There are many benefits to having unique woodwork installed in the bath and kitchen of a home, and some of the most well known include the fact that they add value to a home and they also add stunning beauty to a residence as well. However, there are many other benefits that home owners enjoy when they abandon the idea of using stock cabinetry:

1. Customized cabinetry has immense storage capacity when compared to stock woodwork.

2. While there is a limited variety of stock cupboards available in the market, the variety for custom made cabinets is unlimited, as every design potentially is a unique culmination of a set of ideas from individuals with unique tastes, preferences and needs.

3. They can be set as high or as low as a homeowner needs them to be, they can be as wide or narrow as desired, and they can also be placed in the most convenient places possible for the home owner, facilitating all activities that take place in the kitchen.

While these are just a few of the benefits of installing custom made cabinets in your kitchen, you can discover many others when you call upon an expert woodwork company to guide you during your entire decision making process.

For more information about Custom made cabinetry, please visit our website.

Tile Flooring Choices for Your Home Renovation Project

May 17th, 2011

Is it time for you to change your tile flooring design? Below are some popular tile flooring choices that may be a good fit for your home renovation project.

Mosaic tile flooring is one of the most loved types because of the high level of creativity that you can use in having them in your home. They can be laid in a pattern or randomly. You can arrange them to form a picture or you can rely on the colors to create a figure. There is great freedom in the usage of mosaic tiles and most people who hire artists to design their home opt to use these as their medium. You can do the mosaic picture on your own by putting together pieces of tiles together or you can buy the pre-arranged mosaic tiles and lay the sheet on the floor.

Terracotta tile flooring is a classic type of flooring used in previous centuries and in many countries. They are usually unglazed and sealed and they evoke a certain time period and nostalgia in them. They come in different shapes and sizes, so consult with your tile flooring expert on its tile installation as well.

Ceramic floor tile is an alternative to other types of flooring such as the ones that use stones. They are cheaper and easier to maintain. There are a lot of shapes and designs that can be your inspiration in creating a whole new look for your room. It is used by a lot of people in their bathrooms and kitchens because it is quick to clean with just a few wipes.

Glass tiles are widely available in the market with so many colors and designs as well as textures. They have the matte finish, frosted, shiny, see through, opaque, clear, plain and with other etchings. They may be simple to look at but their clean lines bring a sophisticated look to a space. If you are cost cutting, you may even want to look at recycled glass tile flooring.

Porcelain tile flooring is considered as the most luxurious and most expensive type in the market. These are produced by using high pressure to compact dust and have a hard and durable resulting product. It is very dense and heavy, and it does not require any form of glazing before use. Porcelain can be used to copy the finish or look of other types such as stone and bricks so for many interior designers, it is a very flexible material in terms of design. Buy them pre-cut to your requirements because they need a diamond wheel for cutting.

Metal tiles are either stainless steel or industrial grating, but some homeowners use a combination of both. They are not used much in home construction but more in industrial spaces. They are quite expensive and tile installation is a little more complicated, but the aesthetics that it produces are extraordinary.

Choose a kind of tile floor that best fits the design of your home and the price you can afford. There are many options on the market and a professional flooring expert can help you make the best choice for your home.

How Can I Improve My House For Real Estate Showings?

May 16th, 2011

One of the first conversations that a home seller has with his realtor starts with “What can I do to improve my house for showings?” All too often, the answer is something general like “You have to keep it clean at all times.” But what exactly is “clean”? It seems like a simple word, but it can have different meanings for different people.

Here are three simple cleaning projects that cost little or nothing and take no more than about 1 hour each, but will have a big impact on how your home is seen by buyers.

First, clean all the finger marks off the door frames and light switches with a sponge and mild cleaner. Dirt, newsprint and food smudges tend to accumulate in these areas. They are unattractive in themselves and can also give the impression that the rest of the house is not clean. If you have pets, look for smudges on corners and walls at the height of the pet and clean those, too.

Second, straighten all the crooked pictures. When things that should be straight are slightly tilted, it can give the subconscious impression that the actual walls are not straight or that there may be structural issues with the house. Use a picture leveler or have someone guide you while you adjust the picture. Pictures that are only slightly out-of-line can be adjusted with adhesive pads attached to the back of the frame. If a picture can’t be leveled, remove it – most homes have more art work on the walls than is recommended by good “home staging” principles. Remember to carefully patch the nail hole with a small dab of spackle or even a bit of toothpaste (an old college dorm room trick).

Third, remove all but the bare essentials from kitchen and bathroom counters. Storage space is a desirable feature in homes of every price range, and cluttered counters can give the impression that storage is limited. In the kitchen, limit the items on the countertop to the toaster, coffee-maker and a few other essentials; infrequently used small appliances should be put away. Keep the dishwashing liquid, sponges and scrubbers under the sink; put keys, pens, etc. in a drawer or in an attractive basket; put spices and food boxes back in the cupboards. In the bathroom, limit the countertop items to a few basics such as a drinking glass, tissue box, etc., and put all the other items in the medicine cabinet, drawers, or linen closet.

Once these three projects are completed, it just takes an occasional quick review to “touch up” these areas. Your home will be better prepared for showings and homes in every price range and condition will benefit.

Susan Wiley, Prudential Connecticut Realtor and Accredited Staging Professional, and Steven Penny author of Hiring The Best People writes on the best places in Connecticut to live. If you are looking for Homes for Sale in Connecticut please visit http://www.Prudentialct.com

Building The Kitchen Of Your Dreams – What To Keep An Eye On

May 16th, 2011

Designing the kitchen of your dreams can be a very exciting and fulfilling prospect for any homeowner. But this task isn’t as easy as you may think it is. There are a lot factors that needs to be considered when you design your kitchen or remodel it. If you aren’t careful, you could end up overspending on things and services that aren’t really necessary. To build your dream kitchen without spending a fortune, read this article.

First off – always look out for “dodgy” contractors. If you can’t get a job done yourself, and need to hire someone in to do it for you, always make sure that the person or persons you hire are skilled workers. What I mean by skilled is that they have proven that they are professionals in their trade. Not just some random person offering their services to you. You want the best quality kitchen for the money that you are paying people, and when you hire people, the prices will usually be quite steep, which brings me on to my next tip to be wary of.

Never hire for what you can already do yourself. For most people, they will look at a remodeling task and instantly dismiss it just because they “don’t know how to”. With a little common sense and research, you can get quite a few little jobs done around the kitchen without the need of hiring in! For example, take a look at your wallpaper, you may think that it needs a professional to be torn down and be replaced. Wrong! This is included in one of the jobs that can be easily done by you or another family member. Have a look online for “how to” information pieces on stripping and replacing wallpaper, you will generally find that it is pretty easy. The same could be said for painting, you don’t always need to get a professional decorator in to do your simple painting jobs. If the task is relatively small, then with the right tools and skills, you should be able to complete it yourself in no time, without having to hire somebody!

You can build the kitchen of your dreams on a small budget believe it or not! If you are wise enough that is. Take a good look at some of your kitchen appliances before you think about having them completely replaced. Sometimes, you may just need to put a fresh layer of paint on this, or have some refacing done to that. It’s a great idea to try and work with what you got first before you start to decide what needs to go completely. If something does need to go however, always look for quality. When on a strict budget, it can be so tempting to buy cheap rubbish. Take kitchen cabinets for example. It can be pretty tempting to buy the most inexpensive cabinets that you can find, forgetting that in the long run, you are far better off to have your cabinets custom made by professionals. If you buy rubbish, you will get rubbish quality that wont last long enough. If you get quality custom made cabinets, then these will last you forever and you won’t have to worry about replacing them and therefore spending even more money.

So, always be careful with your budget but don’t be afraid to splash a little bit of cash on the heart of the kitchen! Look out for people trying to rip you off by offering every tiny irrelevant service they can think of, and look to see what you can do yourself before you hire in! Either way, you should be able to build yourself a beautiful kitchen without having to fall to these typical mistakes.

If you’re making upgrades to your home in Spokane for the first time, you may be overwhelmed by everything that is involved. Fortunately, there are ways to take the stress out of this process. One of the easiest ways to make this process stress-free is by working with Huntwood Industries. Just look at their cabinets and kitchen cabinets to find out more.

Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Home Office To Create A Professional Home Office

May 16th, 2011

You want a functional office space without having to spend most of the budget on items to get it organized and professional looking. You are in luck, it really does not need to cost an “arm and a leg” to get a professional looking workspace. Just because an item is inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is poor in quality or that it has to look shabby or poorly made. Read on to find out more about decorating a home office on a shoestring budget.

A lot of these ideas may seem like, just good old fashioned common sense to most of you. The truth is they are but in the rush of excitement anyone can overlook the obvious. You are so excited about your business that you think cost cutting will somehow diminish the impact. We are here to be the voice of reason at this point. Sure new is a good thing, but how much further would your decorating budget go if some of the insignificant items could be purchased for less. This is what this article is about.

1. The Barter system is alive and well and making use of it is a great way to start getting the items you need for your home office. Family and friends may already possess a few of the items you need for office. You can get great items for a song if you only know where to look. One writer had a great aunt who never gave away anything. She needed a desk and offered to clean out the attic in exchange for anything she could use and sure enough there was a beautiful oak roll top desk tucked away under mounds of dust in corner. Luck favors those who set them in its path.

2. Used furniture stores often can be the source of great bargains. Do not be soo eager to pass them by. You can find great class vases for a fraction of what they owuld cost otherwise.

3. Yard sales and thrift stores can also be a place to get organizers and file cabinets for less.

4. Look around your basement, attic and in closets. You may have the items you need already. Decorating a snazzy office with a few pictures or beautiful glass vases that you can add fresh flowers from your garden to will really give the home office a touch of class.

5. Candle lanterns are also a great touch and will look extremely professional in a wall scone.

Make the most of your decorating dollar. When painting your home office choose neutral colors that are easy to match. For more tips like these you can go online and you may also find some great bargains on home office decorations there as well.

Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Home

May 15th, 2011

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be a fun adventure as long as you find quality pieces at the right price. Picking out the right pieces can make your home beautiful and make a fashion statement for all guests to enjoy. It is all about research and looking at showcase furniture to give you the ideas of what can work in your rooms. This includes knowing the measurements of each room that you want to update and making sure that each piece of furnishing is going to fit in the proper spot that you have in mind. Lets get some more information about what you can find and how to find some good stores to get you started in the right direction.

Again, in order to go shopping for the pieces that you want, you will need to find what will work with your home and your lifestyle. Thats why it is very important to have the correct measurements of your room including windows and walls. You might want to find a software program that can help you with designing your room or drawing on paper to see how certain things will look in your rooms. Once you have figured that part out, you need to figure out what your budget is so that you have an idea of what you can spend and try to stick with your budget. You will find some great stores that have quality furnishings with some great prices and may even have some great sales to save you more money so that you can maybe add some decor to your room as well.

The fun part begins when you get to start shopping for the perfect furniture for your rooms. If you are looking for a nice sofa and tables for your family room, you may want to think about finding a sofa that is built to last, since the family room is where most of the family members hang out. If it is for your living room, you may want to showcase it with a more elegant look since that room may not be used as much.

Now, when it comes time to find some good stores to start your shopping, it does not necessarily have to be driving around to different places. There are more options available by searching on the Internet. It is a convenient way to look at different styles and pieces that are available right at your fingertips. You will be able to see a particular piece that you are interested in with a detailed description of the type of material, price, dimensions and any features that are included. These online stores have made it very easy for you to shop in the comfort of your own home. It is definitely going to be a fun shopping day to purchase some great looking furniture.

For more information about Furniture, please visit our website.

Tips For Finding The Right Company When Building Or Improving A Home

May 14th, 2011

Building a home is a major undertaking, but it might be the only way for you to get the exact home you envision. Some homes today are assembled quickly and some consider them not as sturdy as homes built years ago. You might want special materials used for your home or you might want to add unexpected features. Whichever the case, there are a lot of things to consider when building a home. Stamped concrete and retaining walls are both features that should be installed by experienced professionals. If you are building your home from scratch and including these items or you just want to add them later on, there are several things to think about before choosing the company to perform the work.

It is important to work with a reliable company. You should ask for references at the start and after you have made your decision. When you are interviewing potential companies, ask people you know for references. They can give you a few ideas if they have had similar projects done. Once you think you have made your choice, ask to speak to previous clients. This will give you an idea for how the company works and how happy others were with the work they did.

During the interview process, you are going to want to get a detailed estimate of the work that will be done. This is important because it tells you the price you will be charged, the length of time the project will take and the materials that will be used. Though changes can be made when a contract is drawn up, most companies do their best to honor an estimate as closely as possible. Many companies call this a “good faith” estimate.

It is important to discuss what potential mishaps could include at the beginning of the job. Ask your chosen company what risks are involved in the project. Is there a chance the construction of your home or the completion of the project could be delayed? Are there safety risks you need to be aware of? Also be sure the company you work with is prepared to deal with safety risks and takes responsibility for any mishaps. This means they should pay for and repair anything that goes wrong.

Finally, find out whether your chosen company handles zoning issues or if they are your responsibility. The local government needs to know about your project and you need to know if any special licenses are required. If you have purchased land on which you plan to build, the seller of the land hopefully did his research. It is still important for you to find out what your limitations are before any building projects begin so you do not have to change plans mid-way through the process. It can get very expensive if you have to tear down a project and start from scratch because you have overlooked zoning laws in your area. This can be avoided by doing your research in the beginning.

Stewart Wrighter has searched the termstamped concrete San Diego to hire a professional for a remodeling job he and his wife were completing. He searched the termretaining walls San Diego to find a company in his area.

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