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Add More Style To Your Home With Timber Blinds

June 1st, 2011

It can sometimes be very mind boggling to decide on the appropriate window covering for your home or office. There are so many types and designs available that choosing the one that best compliments the interior design of the room can be rather difficult. One of the more popular choices includes timber blinds Brisbane. These look very attractive and elegant. Besides enhancing the visual appeal of the room and giving it a more complete look, there are a number of other benefits timber blinds have over blinds made from other materials.

Western Red Cedar blinds –

The color variation of the grain is the identifying factor of a Western Red Cedar. A fine-grained texture, satin luster and knot-free appearance of Cedar adds to the beauty of blinds made from this material. Western Red Cedar is also ideal for blinds and shutters because of having dimensional stability. Western Red Cedar shrinks or swells at the minimum, which makes it an excellent option for humid areas. It is a material proven through time to be highly durable and highly resistant to decay. For the finishing touches, you can opt for lacquer, varnish or paint in colors of your choice. Western Red Cedar is lightweight and blinds which were made from this material are known to give a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room.

Woodwinds –

Woodwinds blinds are manufactured from readily available wood in the industry, thus promoting the preservation of our natural resources. These blinds have high resistance to heat and are well protected from warping, cracking and fading. These are not affected by high moisture levels and are also resistant to scratches and marks. Cleaning and maintenance of woodwinds blinds is relatively quite easy and hassle-free. Such blinds usually guarantee no distortion or discoloration during its entire lifespan.

New York PS –

New York PS is one of most sought after timber blinds in most parts and countries around the world. Excellent finishes are available for New York PS and there are many color variations being sold in the market today to complement with and enhance the appearance and design of any room. These blinds are good insulators and will save your electricity bills by keeping heat out during summers.

When it comes to revamping your room’s decor, you can never get it wrong with timber blinds and venetian blinds. These blinds require very little maintenance, are easy to clean, and can be adapted to any interior design needs in a simple yet elegant manner.

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