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Ideas For Remodeling Your Bathroom

June 21st, 2011

The powder room is sometimes seen as merely a utilitarian space for showering and personal care tasks, but if designed properly, it can also be a place for relaxation and escape. Since the space is typically a private area, it is the perfect place to get away for a little while and spend some time alone. If you lead a busy life and find your home has been taken over by little ones, the powder room is a great place to get a little peace and quiet each day. This is why it is important to create a room that suits your style and the needs of your family. Some people want a relaxing escape, while others want a room that is kid-friendly or great for houseguests. No matter how you want to use your powder room, there are plenty of things you can do to alter its appearance and usability. Start by working with an experienced bathroom remodeling company. A bathroom remodeler can help you get exactly the look and feel you want in the space.

Start by installing new flooring in the space. Though some people like the look and feel of carpet in a powder room, it is impractical. Carpeting gets wet and soggy and you stand a good chance of ending up with a mold and mildew problem. Tile floors work best for a space that has a toilet, shower, tub and sink. You can choose area rugs for the space to soften the floor and keep water from being tracked all over. For an added luxury, upgrade to a heated tile floor that makes stepping out of a shower onto a cold floor a thing of the past.

Next, add a new shower or tub. Some people have separate shower and tub spaces, which is convenient if more than one person shares the space. High-end powder rooms feature custom tile-work, glass doors and deep tubs with jets. If this is in your budget, it is a wise investment because homebuyers love upgraded powder room spaces. However, you can just as easily create a budget-friendly shower with a new insert or a do-it-yourself tile job.

Sometimes the best upgrades in a powder room do little aesthetically, but are great for usability. If you find it is difficult to breathe in the space or there seems to be a lot of lingering moisture install a fan or window. This will improve health and decrease the likelihood of mold problems.

Finally, you can upgrade your power room for very little money just by making small changes. If you want a comfortable space that allows you to escape and spend some time relaxing, but it is not in your budget right now to add a shower or new flooring, consider small changes like fluffy new towels, shiny new fixtures or a soft floor mat on which to step. Changing the color of the space with a fresh coat of paint is another option if you want a new look on the cheap.

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