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3 Basic Things To Know To Give Your Kitchen A New Look

June 22nd, 2011

Cabinets – Face Frames vs. Frameless

Your kitchen’s cabinetry has a significant impact on its appearance. Cabinets are one of the most visible elements in your kitchen. Their style and structure can also serve as a guide for other elements in your kitchen.

Updating your kitchen’s cabinets is arguably the single most effective way to modernize its appearance. There are plenty of different modern kitchen cabinet styles. You will be able to choose the options you feel are the best fit for the look you want to achieve. It is useful to follow some basic guidelines to ensure you’re giving your kitchen an updated look.

Cabinets with face frames are a more modern choice than frameless cabinets. The reason is the frames reduce the amount of space between the individual cabinets. This makes the cabinets a whole lot sleeker and has a more consistent appearance. While cabinets that are traditional features a lot of ornate details, modern designed cabinet are more subtle and features clean lines.

Light or dark woods are both good options for modern cabinets. Lighter cabinets contrasted with darker appliances and countertops can create a pleasing effect.

Simple metal hardware is also an excellent modern choice. With the use of silver knobs and pulls, it will provide great accents without making a visual clutter.

Sinks – Which Mount is Best?

Sinks can be installed in numerous ways. Many kitchens feature a drop in sink. The reason this option isn’t ideal is because it creates a raised lip around the perimeter of the sink. Not only is this lip less visually pleasing, but it can become a hotspot for grime buildup.

Another option is an integral sink. The sink is built directly into a countertop. While this option is considered a modern choice, there is a downside to it. This type of sink doesn’t create a visual contrast. Instead of a dark counter accented by a stainless steel sink, the same material used for the counter continues into the sink.

An underneath mounted sink is the best option. Not only is it modern, but it’s also very functional. An underneath sink may not look much different than a drop in sink to an untrained eye. The difference is the underneath mount does not create a lip around the sink’s edges. The reason this is a functional choice is crumbs or anything else around the sink can be swept in without creating grimy buildup.

Use an Interesting Material to Give Your Counters a Makeover

Like cabinets, kitchen counters are a very visible component. You want your countertops to look great and be very functional.

Tile countertops can look very nice. You can opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles. The only problem with this modern option is the grout in between the tiles can turn into a nightmare to clean.

A better option that’s very modern is concrete. Using concrete for a countertop may sound quite strange at first. However, this material looks and works great. One of the best things about concrete countertops is you can achieve virtually any style or shape you want. Different additives can be combined with this form of concrete to create an option that’s perfect for your kitchen space.

Although you like the idea of adding new cabinets to your kitchen, you may be concerned that the process is going to turn into a hassle. Fortunately, when you work with Huntwood Industries, this isn’t a concern. Visit Cabinets Calgary and Cabinets today to see just how easy it can be to update the look of your kitchen with high quality cabinets.

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