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Ideas for Garden Furniture and Accessories

July 3rd, 2011

If you enjoy sitting outside to have you morning coffee or if you like to relax in the backyard after the busyness of the day, you can do much to enhance the appeal and beauty of this space with attractive garden furniture and accessories. Just as your indoor décor is an expression of your personal taste and style, so also your outdoor space is a means of showing your unique individuality.

The choices available in garden accessories are quite numerous. Bird watching enthusiasts collect birdhouses and enjoy the parade of happily chirping creatures they attract. Some accessories can impart elegant ambiance, such as a stained glass window, partially enclosed in an outdoor space. Other elegant items for this area include sculptures or outdoor burning chandeliers. Planter boxes are an accessory, which can be stained or painted to harmonize with your particular decor. Such containers provide a relatively inexpensive way of decorating and offer much versatility, as the plantings can be changed, as well as the color of the boxes.

Aside from selecting garden accessories that appeal to your visual sense of esthetics, choose pieces that also stimulate your auditory sense. Some gardeners find the sound of flowing water from a tabletop fountain to be soothing. A wind chime is another item that provides auditory interest to an outdoor area. They are available in a variety of sounds, ranging from a light tinkle to a deep church bell-like sound.

Design your garden area or outdoor space in such a manner that your sense of smell is indulged. Grow fragrant herbs such as rosemary or basil in planter boxes and position them in strategic spots, such as next to active walkways or close to doors. Window boxes filled with lavender will provide the most refreshing aroma that will waft into the house, as well as scent the outdoor area.

In choosing outdoor furniture, certain factors should be kept in mind. Make sure it is comfortable, as you want to be able to actually use it as well as enjoy its visual appeal. A practical consideration is to select furniture that is low maintenance and easy to care for. Check to see if the scale is right for your space, since you don’t want pieces so large they overwhelm or so small they get lost. Another factor is to determine if the furniture fits in with your overall outdoor décor. If a piece is beautiful, but looks totally out of place in your yard, rethink purchasing it.

Benches of any kind can provide the functionality of seating, yet impart a focal point of visual interest in a garden. Consider placing your garden benches under an arch or arbor that has a lovely vine growing over it. This would make an inviting spot for savoring quiet moments of repose. The visual impact of patio benches can be enhanced as well, by centering them between complimentary accessory pieces. Imagine a bench on your patio, flanked on either side by two large urns overflowing lavishly with ferns. With careful thought and planning, you can make your garden area into an attractive place to linger.

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